23 July 2024 05:14 AM

Candidate for UNESCO Director-General visits Algeria

Tuesday، 28 May 2024 - 05:38 PM

Dr. Khaled El-Enany, Egypt's candidate for the UNESCO Director-General post, visited Algeria from 25 to 27 May 2024. During the visit, he met with Dr. Mokhtar Warida, the Ambassador of Egypt to Algeria, as well as several Algerian ministers and officials, including the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Communication, the Minister of Education, and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community abroad. El-Enany expressed gratitude for the warm reception and hospitality extended by the Algerian side, emphasizing the importance of the visit in fostering consultations. 

Algerian officials welcomed the Egyptian candidate and pledged their support for his candidacy, citing the strong brotherly ties between the two countries and peoples. El-Enany, in turn, acknowledged the backing from Algerian officials and underscored his commitment to ongoing consultations and an inclusive electoral program that addresses the concerns and aspirations of UNESCO member states.

Furthermore, the visit included tours by El-Enany to various cultural and heritage sites in Algiers, such as the Grand Mosque, the Shrine of the Martyr, the Mujahid Museum, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Africa, and the UNESCO-listed Kasbah of Algiers. He received insights into these significant cultural landmarks in Algeria and the efforts undertaken by the Algerian government for the preservation and advancement of valuable archaeological sites.

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