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Media Production City

Thursday، 19 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

The 6th of October city-based Media Production city ( MPC) is the biggest ever built information and media complex, which, together with the Egyptian Satellite "Nile Sat", will allow Egypt to step into the new world of the 21st century. Thereby, Egypt will be well-qualified and well-equipped to maintain its pioneering role in the field of satellite television and to provide television and film production facilities that can support the information breakthrough. 

Location and Area: 
Based in the 6th of October city, southwest of Cairo, it covers an area of about 35 million square meters (more than 600 feddans). 
Project Goals:
· Provide television production of a competitive nature. 
· Achieve 3,500 hours of indoor studio production 5,000 hours of programmes and outdoor production 
· Provide miscellaneous production including drama, cultural, educational features and children programmes to meet local and foreign market requirements. 
· Provide film production, with a basic capacity of 100 long films per year. 
· Provide wood and metal works at the services complex. 
· Use the MPC as a tourist attraction for interested citizens and tourists alike. 
· Utilize on an economic basis, training centre surplus production on both domestic and external levels. 
· Use the MPC surplus hotel capacity to provide accommodation services to visitors and tourists staying at the 6th of October City, as well as artists, agents and other members of the public, dealing with MPC. The MPC comprises the following: 
· Studios Complex: comprises 14 high technological studios of various sizes, together with annexes and utilities. 
· Open-air shooting areas ranging from 600sq.m to 2,500 square meters each, equipped with film shooting and tourist services. 
· Covered Theatre Hall:
· The 2500-seat hall serves television production of dramatic performances and concerts. It can be also used as an auditorium for conferences and festivals as well as for the 6th of October city community purposes. 
· Open-air Theatres: serve summer variety / musical / show performances and lyric concerts for television production purposes. The grand theatre accommodates 1,500 persons and the mini-theatre accommodates 1000 children. 
· Services Complex: Provides fabricating and processing works for the Studios Complex and outdoor shooting areas. 
· Film Laboratory: Provides film processing services for 16 mm and 35 mm films. Color correction, editing (montage), final sound recording and dubbing and final version printing are also provided. The laboratory production capacity is estimated at 100 films per year, apart from short materials. 
· Hotel: contains 250 rooms, in addition to all other amenities, offering a high-quality, 4-star hotel service. 
· Training centre: contains all facilities necessary to train 3,000 persons per year. The centre provides training to staff members of the Radio and Television Union, in various fields of specialization. 
· Staff Club: Provides social and sporting activities to the project staff as well as staff members of the Radio and Television Union. 
MPC Construction Phases:
· Construction of this national project was started in 1992. Phase I was completed in 1992. President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak laid the foundation stone for MPC phase II on May 29, 1994. 
· Phase II was inaugurated by President Mubarak in June 1996. The MPC components already completed are as follows: 
· The Pharaonic city: (Tel El Amarna), which simulates the ancient capital of Egypt Pharoah Akhnaton, the first to advocate monotheism, enlightenment, science and peace in the world. Architectural designs, drawings, specifications and construction were completed under the supervision of archaeologist. The city comprises about 40 simulated statues of Akhnaton and Nefertiti. 
· The Islamic Village: is built over an area of 60,000 sq.m. The architectural style of the village buildings belongs mainly to the Fatimide and Memeluke periods, in addition to other styles. The village was designed by specialists in Islamic architecture. 
· Magic Land (children’s village), covers an area of 15,000 sq.m, within the Integrated Activity Area. A 230 m. long entrance gate (Egypt’s Gate) was built showing models of most renowned tourist attractions and monuments of Egypt, such as Pharaonic temples, Bibliotica Alexandrina, Giza Pyramids, citadels and fortresses, Saladin’s Citadel etc..... This area also contains the Magic Land, and the Dino Jungle, with life-size models of pre-historic monsters such as electronically animated dinasours, moving amidst dazzling audio-visual effects, as well as the ancient ape-man and birds. 
· Underwater film shooting area. 
· The dolphin area contains a pool, where dolphin and water ballet shows are performed as well as an amphitheatre to accommodate 1.300 spectators. 
Open Air Shooting Areas
Provide locations for various places, eras and styles witin MPC. They consist of ten outdoor TV and movie shooting areas.
Each area represents a distinct climatic and architectural environment.
This facility helps reduce costs of decors necessary for media production.
The shooting areas can be re-used with minimal necessary adjustments. These sites cover an area of 990,000 sq.m, where existing facilities form a basic nucleus for subsequent extensions.

Facilities available in various areas can be used as service elements for filming and tourist purposes such as:
Actors’ rooms
Mobile caravans for actors
Make-up rooms
Visitor lounges in each area
Various restaurants and cafeterias that suit the specific type of each area
Rural Area
Pharonic Area
Islamic Area
Popular Districts Area
Popular Egyptian Districts Area
Bedouin and Desert Area
Coastal Area
Forest Area
Entertainment Area (Magic Land)
Future extension Area
Alexandria Area:


Alexandria Districts Area Designed for shooting modern Egyptian districts, it covers 7,700 sq.m of which only 20% is used and the remaining area is left for use by interior designers and directors at their discretion . It was taken into consideration that all decor materials used in designing such an area should be liable to any modifications that would suit the various artistic productions. The areas represent certain districts of Alexandria, such as Al-Manshia, Al-Boursa, together with houses and tramway, (the stock exchange buildings-castles). etc. 

Islamic Area:


It comprises several buildings of Ottoman and Mameluke architectural style such as princes’ palaces, houses, cafes, free drinking fountains (Sabils), diwans, al-Fotouh Gate, shops . It encompasses an area for depicting various Islamic epochs. Its total area is 82,000 sq.m of which only 23% is used and the remaining area is left for use by interior designers and directors at their discretion. This area is used for both indoor and outdoor shooting

Bedouin Area:
It is an area specially designed for shooting scenes from the desert and bedouin environment. It covers 230,000-sq. m of which only 5% are used. It represents several models of Bedouin and Arabian life with tents, water wells, mountains and valleys.
Coastal Area:
It consists of two artificial wave-lakes, the first of which covers an area of 6000 sq.m and the second 4000 sq.m in addition to two smaller lakes for children. The area is used for out-door shooting as well as tourist and entertainment purposes.

The lakes are surrounded by artificial rocks and waterfalls and have a floating cafeteria and a 100-seat restaurant as well as a number of villas around the lakes to be developed later into a motel.

Rural Area:
 It comprises simulated models of Egyptian countryside with fields, houses, etc.. Design allows for using decor materials that can be adjusted to various dramatic works. The rural area consists of the following:

Village A 
It represents a model of a modernized village comprising, a cafe, rural houses, police station, mausoleum, mayor’s house, rural landlord’s house, dovecote and mosque.

Village B 
Represents a model of a traditional village comprising rural houses, rural sitting room, rural fence, bridge, canal, railway and rail station.

Zifta Provincial Town:
Represents a section of Zifta Provincial Town with houses, rural police station, cafe, printing press, cotton gin, post office, etc..

Pharaonic Area:
 It has a total area of 175,000 sq.m of which only 15% is used and the remaining area is left for use by decor designers and directors at their discretion. This area is a centre of tourist attraction as it represents a portion of the extinct Tel-el-Amarna town, earlier built by King Akhenaton and later destroyed by the priests of Amoun Temple after his death.

Tel-el-Amarna town comprises walls and gates of the King’s palace, walls and gates of the political palace, a bridge between the palaces, army and police buildings and political palace buildings.

It was taken into consideration that all the decor materials used in designing such an area should be liable to any modification that would suit the dramatic works.

Popular Area 
Covering 6, 500 sq.m, of which only 5% are used, it comprises models of traditional and modern district lanes and alleys such as Khan Al-Khalili, Al-Gamalia, etc… The area can be also used for in-door shooting.
Production Support Services Centers
 These hi-tech centers provide the studios of the complex with the following services:
* various montage service centers of linear and non-linear levels.
* Recording and videotape copying centers.
* Tele cinema and film copying centers.
* Electronic translation centers.
* Hi-tech display centers for marketing TV. Production.
* Montage, and commercials and animation production centre, comprising: 3 linear montage units, 2 non-linear montage units, 1 animation and graphics unit, and 1 monitoring unit. The centre is equipped with the latest operating systems that allow flexible application and free creativity.
* Dubbing and sound recording centers.
* Music recordings and sound centers.
* Master control room for studios and transmission and communication points via the Egyptian satellites with various Egyptian television centers.
* Computerized audio/videotape libraries.

Control centers and various utilities:
* Computer and data exchange network.
* Security-closed circuit television (CCTV)
* Access control systems with electronic gates and MICR control cards. Entrance and exit control systems using electronic gates and magnetic gates and magnetic control card.
* Advanced fire detecting and fighting alarm systems using hi-tech networks to ensure Magic Land.
Magic Land is the first family entertainment city in the Middle East. It is not only used for entertainment purposes but also for shooting child programs and variety shows. It covers 160,000 sq.m and comprises several entertainment sites and games.

The Open Theatre:
The 1000 - seat theatre is designed to the Arabian style inspired by the legends of the Arabian Nights with a total area of about 17,600 sq.m . It is used for theatrical performances and variety shows.

Egypt’s Gate:
It provides information for children and families who visit the city through the Internet, multimedia and database programs.
The Gate is an aesthetic structure that represents important landmarks of Egypt’s governorates as well as famous historical symbols.

Dolphin and Seal Show Complex and Underwater Shooting Area:
 It is the first facility of its kind in the Middle East. It can be used for underwater shooting over an area of about 7,000 sq.m. It consists of a pool for dolphin and seal shows and water ballet shows. There is also another pool equipped for shooting underwater in addition to a 1200 -seat amphitheater. Besides, there is a special amphitheatre for underwater viewing.

Dinosaur Jungle:
The first of its kind, this entertainment centre covers an area of 7,000 sq.m. It depicts a pre-historic environment with dinosaurs, birds and primitive humans. Viewers can be acquainted with this wonderful world by cruising aboard boats through the water passage around the dinosaur island. It is also possible to make free tours through the jungles amidst sound effects which add to the excitement of the place.

Traffic City
This is a mini-city, covering 6,500 sq. m, to help children learn traffic rules. It comprises of roads, pavements, public buildings, a bank, a gas station and shops. The city teaches children how to deal with these utilities.

Outdoor Game Park
It is comprised of a number of interesting and exciting games that suit all age groups such as Ali Baba Cave, Carousel, Butterfly, Amour Express, Flying Whale, Rotating Pineapple, Mad Mouse, etc... The area also comprises of a number of shops and restaurants of specific international kitchens (Japanese, French, English, Polish, Arabian, etc..) surrounded by green areas.
Indoor Games Building (Magic Plateau): 
This is a 5,000 sq. m hall used for entertaining visitors, especially children through various contests and electronic games that suit all age groups. It can be used also as a large multi-purpose studio for shooting a variety of programmes, films and also various events. Magic Plateau also comprises several restaurants and shops.

Time Gate (Simulator): 
A mobile theatre which is a part of the facade of Egypt’s Gate. Through it, the viewer can pass to the exciting world of outer space.

Rapid River
This game is composed of two integrated parts. The first part is an artificial 500-m-long stream where boats move at the speed of water pouring down through the jungles, waterfalls and mountains. The second part is a jumbo waterwheel that lifts boats to a height of 14 meters then drops them to rush freely to the water stream then to the river.

Bumping Boats: 
This is an exciting game where boats collide on an area of 2,000 square meters.
Ice Skating Hall:
Covering an area of 600 square meters, the hall is used for ice skating shows.

American West Show Area (Stunt Show): 
A finely designed hotel, built to international specifications and equipped with the latest technological systems, high-quality management and hotel services. It can accommodate artists as well as Egyptian, Arab or foreign tourists . The hotel consists of 200 rooms, ceremony halls, restaurants, cafeterias, swimming pools, outdoor playgrounds, gardens .etc.

Shopping Center:
Covering about 30,000 sq. m, the center comprises shops, cafeterias, 2 movie-theaters with a capacity of 2500 seats.

Conference Center:
It is the latest conference center in the Middle-East for holding exhibitions, international and regional conferences as well as ceremonies. It consists of a main auditorium that can accommodate 1,000 people and is equipped with necessary technical facilities to serve as a theatre. The center also comprises a large ceremonial hall that can accommodate 1,200 people. This hall can be divided into smaller halls of different sizes suitable for various exhibitions.

Moreover, the centre is supplied with all necessary technical services for international communications, press and interpretation in addition to restaurants and cafeterias.

Movie-Theater Complex: 
The complex contains two movie-theaters equipped with the latest technological systems and technical facilities to serve as theatres with a capacity of 500 seats each.
Service Complex: 
This is an integrated service centre for all basic production activities of Studio Complexes B and C and outdoor shooting areas. Also, it provides storage and technical services for all means of transport and utilities network.

Blacksmithing and carpentry workshops. Workshop building comprises:
Gypsum and sculpture workshops.
Thermoplastics workshop.
Sewing and drapery workshop.
A separate workshop for polyester fibers .
Decor assembly halls.
Storage rooms ( for decoration items, wood, accessories etc..). Garages.
Auto mechanical workshops.
Power and transformer stations.
Overhead and underground water tank.
A mosque.

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