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Local Administration

Red Sea Governorate

Wednesday، 18 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

The Red Sea has gained strategic importance across history as a main artery bridging east and west. Hence the Red Sea governorate enjoys such privilege, and due to its historical, economic, political, and geophysical dimensions, it has become a governorate of all times; the past, the present, and the future. It stands as Egypt's eastern gate with coast line extending over more than 1080 km.

Furthermore, the governorate's vast area is rich in oil, minerals and fish resources. This is in addition to its gifted beautiful nature and its wonderful weather all the year round.

Development of basic infrastructure and completion of utilities and local services have been major concern of the State to serve the citizens and for tourism development purpose as well. After the implementation of development plans in diverse areas, the governorate has become one of the investment zones and one of the world's tourist attraction sites, and consequently a major source of national income.

The strategic significance of the governorate is attached to its extensive coast along the Red Sea and its deep dent into the Eastern Desert. Since the governorate is rich in unique and rare marine creatures, birds, wild animals, and aromatic plants, it was necessary to set up natural protectorates to preserve such resources.

In this context, four protectorates were established, namely: Mangarouf forests protectorate to reproduce turtles, and rare marine birds; Abrak protectorate which has valleys, plains, and plateaus hosting animals and wild plants; el-Daeib protectorate having marine plants and wild animals in its valleys and plains, also Elba Mountain protectorate that includes Elba Mountain which is1437 meters high above the sea level and hosts plants, as well as rare birds and wild animals.

The Red Sea governorate is the main outlet for the exports and imports of Upper Egypt governorates. It has a sea Port for pilgrims. Tourism deems to be the main activity in the governorate, in addition to other activities such as mining. Worth noting is that the governorate is by far the richest governorate in mineral resources due to the huge reserves of metals and none metal ores as well as ornament stones and oil.

Location: The Red Sea governorate overlooks the Red Sea Coast in the East, stretching over (1080) km. It is bordered in the West by Bani Swaif, Menia, Assiut, Souhag, Qena, Luxor City and Aswan, in the North by Suez governorates, and in the South by Sudan.

The Governorate's national day: January 22nd marking Shedwan battle during the attrition war in 1970.

Emblem: It shows the mermaid which is the symbol of the governorate, and the blue colour refers to the sea.

Total area: 119.10 Thousand Km2.

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