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NCCM condemns violation of child rights by Morsi supporters

Wednesday، 07 August 2013 - 12:00 AM


The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) has deplored the Muslim Brotherhood's exploitation of innocent children in violation of all norms, religions, international laws and the Egyptian Child Law.

The Council, in a released statement, indicated that recent events experienced by the Egyptian society are a flagrant pattern of shameful violations that expose the health, security and morality of the Egyptian child to risk.

The statement explained that innocent children in the areas of Rabaa el-Adaweya, el-Nahda and Ramses were subjected to humiliation by carrying shrouds and being used as human shields. The statement added that brutal assaults on the children led to the death of some of them.

The Council urged all authorities concerned including the Presidency, the Prime Minister, the ministries of interior and justice and the Prosecutor General to take legal action regarding the use of children under 18 years old in acts threatening their safety in accordance with Article 96 of the Child Law 126/2008.

The Council asserted that the Egyptian Child Law stipulates that anybody who uses children in commercial or political acts or instigates such practice is fined by not less 200 pounds and not more than 1,000 pounds in line with article 114 of the law. Also any violator who exposes the life of a child to danger or use the child in human trafficking is punished, according to article 291 of the penal code, by a prison term not less than five years and a fine not less than 50,000 pounds and not more than 200,000 pounds, added the statement.

The Council expressed also its condemnation of the exploitation of children by the Muslim Brotherhood and regretted violating the rights of children by using them in armed conflicts for attaining personal gains in an attempt to destroy the homeland just to remain in power ruling a people who are rejecting them, according to the statement.


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