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Government Program on Democratic Path

Wednesday، 04 September 2013 - 12:00 AM

At this defining moment; where Egypt is facing a terrorist threat endangering its national security that aims to shake the very basis of the state using violence, intimidation and sectarianism; the Egyptian government emphasizes both in words and deeds that it will not tolerate nor hesitate to respond with strong determination to those who target its national security and the safety of its citizens.

Egypt will continue to hold its national interest above all other considerations, rejecting any form of foreign pressure or intervention, and is determined to ensure the safety of the country and its citizens leveraging all resources required.

At the same time it affirms its strong conviction and full commitment to work both on the political and social levels towards building a democratic system; which guarantees the rights and freedoms of all Egyptians.

The government announces that it will spare no effort to avoid any possible bloodshed and to eliminate tension between citizens. To this end, the government is reaching out to all its citizens: who are committed to peace, who denounce violence, who have no blood on their hands, and those who adhere to the roadmap set by the Constitutional Declaration to come together.

The future for this country will only be attained when there is harmony and solidarity between its citizens.

In this respect, the government announces the launch of "Egypt's Program to Sustain the Path to Democracy"; which offers the opportunity for political and social participation of all citizens in order to set the rules and regulations which ensure the effective continuation of the democratic process, whilst guaranteeing that the fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens are met during the transitional period and provides all Egyptians with the free choice to elect a Parliament and President, all in accordance with the following principles:

1. Completion of the roadmap in accordance to the Constitutional Declaration ensuring the full participation of all political players, where there will be a referendum on the new constitution, followed by free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections to be held in due time in accordance to all legislative rules.

2. The government is determined to ensure the security and stability of all citizens, while protecting their lives, freedoms and property and to combat violence, terrorism and lawlessness.

3. The government is committed to continue the building of institutions which contribute to supporting the democratic process; including the restructuring and activation of the National Council for Human Rights, the National Council for Women, the National Council for Justice and Equality, whilst empowering each of them to fully carry out their mandates; promoting democracy, equality among citizens, the ability to effectively respond to sectarian strife and protecting the rights and accrued privileges of women in society.

4. The government, in consultation with all political entities and civil society, will work on the completion of the legal, administrative and executive framework which guarantees the completion and integrity of the democratic process, including the abolition of the state of emergency immediately following the end of the reasons for which made it necessary, the issuance of new legislations allowing freedom of civil society, freedom for access and exchange of information, freedom of peaceful demonstrations, regulating the funding for elections, and ensuring the independence of the Higher Commission for Elections and its supervision on the entire electoral process, and allowing for oversight by domestic and international observers.

5. Reaffirming the commitment of the state to protect the rights and freedoms of all citizens as stated in Egyptian laws, conventions and international agreements, including guarantee to the right of peaceful demonstrations in accordance with international laws and standards., which criminalizes those who violate peaceful demonstrations, blocking roads or use force to threaten other people's lives, property or incite violence.

6. To provide equal opportunities for political participation in the democratic process for all citizens who do not have blood on their hands and as tong as they are committed; to the rule of law, the road map for transition, renouncing violence, and are peaceful and believe in the equality of all citizens without discrimination.

7. Ensuring the commitment of all parties wishing to participate in the political process, renouncing violence unconditionally and to the surrendering of all weapons.

8. Confronting all forms of attacks on all houses of worship throughout Egypt, respecting the rights of all citizens in practicing their religion freely and safely within the regulations of public order. The use of houses of worship for political activity is strictly forbidden. The state will work on instilling a non-discriminatory culture among citizens and will introduce legislations aimed at protecting citizenship and ensuring equality among all segments of the Egyptian society.

9. The government is committed to develop the legal and professional framework which protects the freedom of opinion and expression, while putting media codes of conduct and self-censorship to guarantee the independence of the media.

10. All Egyptian citizens are called upon to unite in rebuilding their country, supporting the economy and to embrace higher principles of integrity at work, increasing their productivity and exerting every effort to provide the necessary conditions for the government to offer decent living for all Egyptians. On the other hand, the government is committed to ensuring social justice, being the most important demand by the revolution and to provide a sustainable national program to guarantee the provision of social protection to those who deserve it.

11. The government will implement a national program of transitional justice through national independent committees with the sole purpose of restoring solidarity, unity and harmony in society. These committees will work to promote; transparency, accountability, reconciliation and will follow-up on the completion of the work of the fact-finding committees for various crimes associated with the revolution or subsequent to it. It must also work on passing a law of transitional justice.

 The government of Egypt calls onto all political and civil entities to participate in the implementation of the above program and to ensure its success. A working group will be immediately selected and will comprise representatives from the government, the presidency and representatives of political and civil entities who will be in charge of following up on the implementation of this program throughout the transitional period, whilst submitting their recommendations and outcomes regularly to the National Reconciliation Committee, the National Defense Council and to the Council of Ministers. All outcomes will be communicated to the public regularly.

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