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Northwestern Coast Development Project

Wednesday، 16 December 2015 - 12:00 AM

The Northwestern Coast development project is the third national one of a series of development national projects all over the Republic, drawn by the National Strategic Plan for Urban Development in 2052, where the government have taken serious steps recently. The first project is the New Suez Canal and the second one is the Golden Triangle for mining in the Eastern desert.

This project coincides with the plan being implemented by the government to demarcate the future borders of the governorates, provides development and investment opportunities and establishes new urban communities to accommodate the population increase expected in the coming decades.

This plan included the addition of three new governorates, these governorates are Central Sinai, Oases (Bahariya Oasis and Farafra), and al-Alamein (el-Alamein, el-Dabaa, el-Hamam, and Fukah), which was affiliated to Matrouh governorate.

The Northwestern Coast extends from al-Alamein to Salloum about 500 kilometers and has a desert hinterland extending to 280 kilometers, covering an area of about 160 thousand km2.

The importance of this developmental area lies in the fact that it is the unique and distinctive and it has all development resources distributed all over the Republic to be concentrated in the Northwestern Coast and its desert hinterland.

The Northwestern Coast and its various resources represent Egypt's hope to absorb overpopulation in Egypt in the coming 40 years. These projects will also provide about 11 million job opportunities until 2052.

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