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Fayrouz was born on March 15, 1943, in Cairo.

Artistic genesis
Her father's friend the Syrian artist Ilias Moa'dab discovered Fayrouze's talent during a visit to her home when he was playing on the violin and she was dancing on the music. Her talent drew his attention and he tried to develop it; so he wrote and composed a monologue for her.
He accompanied her in his concerts to perform her monologue, and one time, she impressed the audience and her monologue splendidly succeeded. Moa'dab decided to join her in a talent competition at Auberge Night Club and she also splendidly succeeded and attracted the film producers. Egyptian artist Anwar Wagdy chose her to sign a monopoly contract with her father which involves that his daughter earns a thousand pounds for every film she acts.
She acted her first film "Yassmin" in 1950 when she was seven years old. Then, she acted many other films till 1959, and then stopped acting after her last film "I am thinking of who forgot me".
Her family life
She is the elder sister of the Egyptian actress Nelly and the cousin of the actress Lebleba. She married the actor Badr Eddin Gamgoum and had a son and a daughter.
Her songs
Karawan Alfan Wa Bolboloho, Bahlakli Wa Bosselli, The Balance (Al-Mizan), The Drum (Al-Darabukka), The Clown (Al-Beliatcho), Itmakhtari, Mabrouk Aliki Areesik Al-Khefa, Helw Ya Helw, Siniorita, Ana Katcouta.
Her films
Yassmin, Fayrouz Hanem, Dahab, Deprivation (Al-Herman), Asafir Al-Gana, Ismail Yassin Tarazan, Ismail Yassin for Sale, My Happy Days, I am thinking of who Forgot me.
Her death
She passed away on Saturday, January 30, 2016 after suffering from kidney and liver diseases at the age of 72.

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