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Public Prosecuter Killing

Ministry of Interior Statement

Tuesday، 08 March 2016 - 01:28 PM

- Within the framework of continued efforts by the Ministry of Interior and its various sectors to achieve security and stability and to uncover terrorist plots which target shaking the safety and stability of the homeland and undermining the gains that were achieved over the past period, the Egyptian national security sector has managed recently to uncover a conspiracy that is led by terrorist Muslim Brotherhood elements in Turkey; the most prominent among whom is Yahia el-Sayed Ibrahim Moussa in coordination with elements from the Palestinian movement Hamas. The conspiracy is aimed at reformulating cluster armed groups from the active terrorist MB elements in the local arena through training them psychologically and militarily to escalate armed action and assassinate symbols of the State and target its vital institutions with bombing operations at a wide time pace with a view to creating a state of chaos and sapping the economy of the State.

- Within the framework of this plot- the assassination of former Prosecutor General Counselor Hisham Barakat- other assassination operations they were planning to perpetrate- they divided the elements that will commit the plot into several groups according to the requirements of the armed action as follows:

• Dispatching some elements into the Gaza Strip to be militarily trained and to be groomed up on the skills of monitoring and outlining assassination plots.
• Assigning some elements with other organizational tasks such as providing logistical support including financial support, vehicles and explosive charges along with others.
• Training some elements on manufacturing advanced explosive charges along with monitoring activities and collecting and assessing information ahead of committing an assassination plot.

- Several of those involved in this plot were uncovered over the past period and up to 48 of them were arrested in eight governorates of Egypt, namely; Cairo, Giza, Sharqiya, Ismailia, Aswan, North Sinai, Qena and Red Sea. They were arrested red-handed with significant stuff including three Hyundai Excel booby-trapped cars – two in Giza and one in Fayoum- along with an arms and explosives cache in Sharqiya and some apartments that were used for training, harboring and manufacturing. Other stuff was also seized including several computer sets with their storage memory units containing organizational plots and monitoring of vital targets along with automatic guns and their ammunition.

- Search operations uncovered that these arrested elements are members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group and that they are members in the advanced action committees and some of them were involved in terrorist operations in their governorates – an attempt to target security convoy in Abu Kebir in Sharqiya with a booby-trapped car along with other public utilities in the governorate- planting a bomb inside a garage of Azbakia police station.

- Within this framework, the circumstances of the assassination of martyr counselor Hisham Barakat, the former Prosecutor General, were uncovered as follows:

• Several of the arrested elements were involved in the assassination operation including (Mahmud el-Ahmady Abdel Rahman Ali- Abul Qasem Ahmed Ali Youssef- Ahmed Gamal Mahmud Hegazy). The assassination operation was committed according to the plot that was outlined for them by leaders of the organization abroad and with the participation of some elements from the Palestinian movement Hamas (training and arrangements) after monitoring martyr Barakat and his movements and then assessing the results and sending them to fugitive leaders abroad and some elements from Hamas movement who outlined the scenario of implementing the operation.
• Five elements who are involved in the perpetration of the operation Infiltrated into the Gaza Strip with the help of some elements from Beduins in North Sinai for receiving advanced military training and manufacturing explosives at the hands of six elements of Hamas movement.
• Preparing the materials that will be used in manufacturing the explosives that will be used in the operation in a farm in Hihya area in Sharqiya and transferring them into an apartment in Sheikh Zayed in the 6th of October city in Giza governorate for manufacturing the explosive charge there (a barrel weighing 80kg of ammonium material. The perpetrators sought the help of some Hamas movement elements in specifying the used materials through the internet). Then they put it in the car that was used in perpetrating the plot (Speranza) that was purchased from Nasr City Car Market. It was exploded by a remote control.
• The elements who are involved in committing the operation planned to implement it on June 28, 2015, but changing the course of the martyr's motorcade led to postponing the operation to the next day where it was implemented on 29/6/ 2015.
• The arrested elements confirmed that there were contacts before and during the perpetration of the operation with a fugitive element abroad and a Hamas element (nicknamed as Abu Omar) via the internet within the framework of verifying that the operation was implemented.

- Plots by these elements for committing other major assassination operations were also foiled. These operations were approved and supported by leaders of the international Muslim Brotherhood organization and leaders of Hamas movement. These operations were thwarted after the elements had already arranged for their implementation atop of these operations are attempts to murder several important and public figures and attacking some embassy buildings.

- It is worth noting that, after the success of security efforts to uncover this plot and arresting its elements, directives were issued from the fugitive leaders in Turkey to their cadres who are involved in it to infiltrate into Sudan through connecting them with smugglers in the southern desert. This immediate handling with this information resulted in arresting several of them along with those in charge of smuggling.

- Legal measures were codified against the arrested elements and the seized stuff including arms, ammunition and booby-trapped cars where they were referred to the prosecution concerned. Other fugitive elements who are involved in the plot are being chased down.

- The Interior Ministry confirms its unwavering resolve to maintain its efforts for securing the internal front against all infamous plots of the terrorist organizations with all their affiliations who are seeking to undermine the process of development and progress in the homeland.

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