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Kamal Al-Shennawy

Thursday، 24 March 2016 - 02:00 PM

His background

Mohamed Kamal Al-Shennawy was born on December 26, 1922 in Cairo. He is a fine artist and an actor. 

He was a member in Al-Mansoura Primary Band, and he joined the Arab Music Institute. Then, he worked as a drawing teacher. He got a BA in education and worked as an instructor in the Cinema Institute. 

His works 

Kamal Al-Shennawy’s roles varied throughout his artistic life; as he played the roles of the good and evil in more than 200 films. He was characterized by his own school of acting which was named after him. 

In 1948, he acted his first film “Ghani Harb” or “Get-Rich-Quick”, and then he presented “Hamamat Salam” or “A Peace Dove” and “Adalet Al-Samaa” or “Heaven’s Justice”. In 1965, he directed his only film as a director “Tanablet Al-Sultan” or “Lotus Eaters”.

Al-Shennawy formed many successful duos with other actors and actresses, such as Ismail Yassin, Faten Hamama and Shadia. 

He performed many television series, such as “Oyoun Al-Hob” or “Eyes of Love”, “Hend and Dr. Noaman” and “Zeinab and the Throne”. Besides, he produced a number of cinema films.

- “Ghani Harb” or “Get-Rich-Quick”
- “Hamamat Salam” or “A Peace Dove”
- “Adalet Al-Samaa” or “Heaven’s Justice”
- “Al-Eqab” or “The Punishment”
- “Saja Al-Lail” or “Shrouded Night”
- “Kholoud” or “Immortality”
- “Amirat al-Jazirah” or “The Princess of the Island”
- “Al-Rouh wa Al-Gasad” or “Body and Soul”
- “Nahw Al-Magd” or “Towards the Glory”
- “Khayal Imra’a Helwa” or “The Shadow of a Beautiful Woman”
- “Ser Al-Amira” or “The Secret of the Princess”
- “Al-Mara’a Al-Qatela” or “The Deadly Woman”
- “Bent Al-Omda” or “The Mayor’s Daughter”
- “Sahre’a Al-Bahlawan” or “Al-Bahlawan Street”
- “Makansh Aal Bal” or “It Never comes to Mind”
- “Sa’a Le Qalbak” or “An Hour for Your Heart”
- “Gouz Al-Arba’a” or “The Husband of Four Wives”
- “Zalamony Al-Nas” or “Calumniated by People”
- “Amir Al-Ineqam” or “The Prince of Revenge”
- “Habaiby Keteer” or “I have Many Lovers”
- “Ayyam Shababy” or “My Youth Days”
- “Baba Amin”
- “Moghamarat Khadra” or “Khadra’s Adventures”
- “Set Al-Hosn” or “The Beautiful Woman”
- “Al-Melyoneir” or “The Millionaire”
- “Samehny” or “Forgive Me”
- “Qoloub Al-Athara” or “The Virgins’ Hearts”
- “Irham Domou’ey” or “Have a Mercy on My Tears”
- “Lan A’oud” or “I will not Return”
- “A’ashat Lelhob” or “She Lived for Love”
- “Shams La Taghib” or “A Sun Does Not Set”
- “Esh Al-Gharam” or “Love Nest”
- “Al-Mara’a Al-Maghoula” or “The Anonymous Woman”
- “Hal Ana Magnouna” or “Am I Crazy?”
- “Tanablet Al-Sultan” or “Lotus Eaters”
- “I’eterafat Imara’a” or “A Woman’s Confessions”
- “Al-Adwaa’” or “The Lights”
- “Nessaa’ Al-Leil” or the “The Prostitutes”
- “Damy wa Domou’ey wa Ibtesamaty” or “My Blood, Tears and Smiles”
- “Al-Awwama Raqam” or “The Float House Number”
- “Al-Horoub Men Al-Khanka” or “Escaping from Mad House”
- “Al-Beit Al-Malo’un” or “The Damned House”
- “Ezbet Al-Safeeh” or “Al-Safeeh Manor”
- “Shawader”
- “Ya Nas Ya Hoh” or “Oh! People”
- “Al-Makhtoufa” or “The Kidnapped Woman”
- “Lahm Rakhis” or “Cheap Flesh”
- “Ta’a Ta’a we Rika we Kazem Beih” 

Awards Kamal Al-Shennawy got many awards throughout his artistic life, including:

- In 1960, he got an honor prize from the Catholic Center Festival
- In 1992, the award of the excellence in acting from the Egyptian Film Society Festival
- In 1996, he ranked the third in the questionnaire of the best 100 Egyptian films made by the Cairo Film Festival on the occasion of the Egyptian cinema centennial. 

Kamal Al-Shennawy died on August 22, 2011.

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