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Sinai..... The Pharaoh bath

Tuesday، 29 March 2016 - 12:57 PM

The Sinai Peninsula is a unique place that combines almost all kinds of touristic attractions such as religious, cultural, history, sports, treatment, and entertainment ones.

inai offers its visitor a variety of options to enjoy Egypt's tourism diversity.

 There are many natural wells and hot springs such as the Pharoah bath and Moses bath.

These baths have great effect in the treatment of some incurable diseases, besides the dry, moderate climate of the area.


The Pharaoh bath

The Pharaoh bath is located on the Suez bay about 250 kilometers away from Cairo.

It consists of a group of natural hot springs; the water temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, the water flows directly from the mountain forming a natural lake with 100 meters length along the sea shore.

The mountain above contains a stone tunnel used a natural hot sauna because of the hot water springs from inside the mountain. Scientific research proved the importance of the water in treating some diseases such as rheumatism and rheumatoid, kidney diseases, lung inflammation, skin diseases.

The climate is moderate and dry; there are vast areas of hot sand which can be used for the treatment of different diseases.


There is a health resort being constructed in the area .It is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East for environmental and natural treatment.


The resort is in Ras Mallab area on the Suez bay about 70 kilometers away from Abu Redees airport. The location is centered among Ancient Egyptian monuments.


Moses bath

A wonderful oasis covered in palm trees around a natural hot spring, its water has ability of healing wounds especially of diabetic patients, it affects the body weakness and regulates the high blood pressure. Moses bath is 100 kilometers away from Sharm el Sheikh.


Moses bath resort:

The Moses resort contains a specialized hospital (under construction) and a rest house for the employees at South Sinai Governorate.

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