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Egyptian Traditions

Thursday، 22 October 2015 12:00 AM

To visit Egypt we offer you some tips to help you to cope with the Egyptian personality and traditions. Egyptians are cozy and friendly. You will never feel stranger in Egypt.                                  

The Egyptian Culture

Egypt is cosmopolitan as it is the perfect fusion of so many cultures. The culture and tradition of Egypt is like a melting pot where multiple cultures and traditions have created a wonderful picture and a mentality that embraces new and advanced ideas for creating a liberal ambiance around. This liberal attitude is being displayed in Egyptians friendly behavior toward foreigners and tourists. If asked, people of Egypt will always share their service and enthusiasm with the people whom hardly they know. In Egypt, besides its marvelous attractions and cultural ambiance, the smiling faces of the Egyptians are an added charm. All these sweet fragments are the best part of the visit to Egypt, which will remain with you as a memory forever.

Commonly, Egyptians are quite adjustable in nature and they love to help people. If you ask them any question, they will answer it happily. One most interesting thing is whenever you will ask something to an Egyptian, he will call some other people to discuss about the question and will try the best to offer you the correct answer of the question asked.


In Egypt, family integrity matters a lot and head of the family takes the entire responsibility to run the family in proper manner and with great focus on behavior. People put special respect for family value and family relation. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that traveling in the cities of Egypt is safer than any other top global destinations, even for women traveling alone.

Holy Month

Ramadan is a holy month for Egyptians and during this month people greet each other celebrating the month with friends and relatives. During this month Egyptians stay awake at night and spend time in prayer and spiritual activities. Also they donate for charity and indulge renewal of relationship and sharing amity and affection with each other.

Egyptian Women

Egyptian women are known for their exquisite beauty. Nowadays Egyptian ladies in general are well educated, groomed, and they take responsibility of professional world also. In Egyptian society, girls are well pampered by their parents till they get married and get established in reality.

Some of the girls in Egypt wear a scarf and it has become a common practice these days for young girls. This practice honors Muslim convention for ladies covering their heads as well as it is a stylish way to respect Islamic virtue of conservativeness.

Egypt is a completely safe place for women. Therefore, it is a safe travel destination for foreign tourist groups of women to set their vacation at Egypt. It is always wise to dress properly and to walk on street with common and covered dress. While planning for tour in Egypt, a woman traveling alone should care for Egypt's holidays because some of the building and places may remain closed on those days.

Places of Worship

Places of worship are considered as sacred place for Egyptians and therefore tourists from abroad should respect their serious mentality about the places of worship; mosques and churches. In Egypt, both mosques, and churches are found many in number.

People follow the rules of taking out their shoes before entering the sacred ground. Women are requested to cover up their heads. It is always wise to use sober and covered dress specially when visiting a mosque. Friday is considered as the most scared days of the week.


Both business and religious community in Egypt runs on Western/Georgian calendar but other calendars are widely honored in this country. The Islamic calendar is based on viewing religious formalities and it is based on a lunar cycle of 12 months of 29 or 30 days. The Muslim year is thus almost 11 days smaller than the Georgian year. The Coptic calendar is called Alexandrian calendar, and it is made on a solar cycle and made of 12 months of 30 days and 1 month of 5 days, respectively. In every 4 years a 6th day is added to the shorter month. Besides Coptic Orthodox Church, farmers often follow Coptic calendar for their date reminder, calculation, as well as counting of days.

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