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Gad al-Haqq Ali Gad al-Haqq (1917-1996)

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Date of birth
April 5, 1917; Daqahliyah; Egypt


1944: Graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Sharia, Azhar University
1946: Obtained his Alameya Degree
History of employment
1946: Judge, Islamic Sharia Courts
1953: Secretary of Fatwa, Dar al-Ifta, Egypt
1976: Counselor, Court of Appeals
1978: Mufti of Egypt (In his capacity as such, he sought to revive the role of the fatwa (opinion)-giving establishment)
1982: Appointed Minister of Waqf (from January to March 1982)
1982: Became Grand Imam of al-Azhar (His appointment marked a revival of al-Azhar's role)
Under his tenure as Grand Imam, many Azhar Institutes were established throughout the country.

Order of the Nile from Egypt (1983)
Order of Intellectual and Scientific Excellence from Morocco
The King Faysal International Prize (Service To Islam) (1995)
Died on March 15, 1996

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