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Celebrated by Copts in Egypt according to the calendar of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church. The celebration comes after a 55-day fasting during which only vegetables are allowed for eating.

Neyrouz feast

The Coptic calendar has 13 months, 12 of 30 days each and an intercalary month at the end of the year of 5 or 6 days depending whether the year is a leap year or not. The year starts on 11 September in the Gregorian Calendar or on the 12th in the year before (Gregorian) Leap Years.

Christmas in Egypt

In December 2002, January 7 was considered an official holiday for Christians and Muslims alike. Egyptian Orthodox Christians Copts celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on January 7th, a date equivalent to the 29th day of the Coptic month of "kiohk, or Khiahk".


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, when the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (PBUH), through the Angel Gabriel. It is the month of fasting, when all healthy adult Muslims should fast from sunrise to sunset.

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