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Egypt and Switzerland

Monday، 17 December 2012 12:00 AM

The history of relations between Egypt and the Swiss Confederation dates back to 1909, when Switzerland opened a Commerce mission in Egypt, as it believed in the importance of Egypt in trade with the African countries and Middle East region. Switzerland recognized Egypt's independence in 1924, then established the diplomatic relations in 1935 as an office which was upgraded to an embassy in 1957.

When looking at the manifold political relations between the two countries characterized by a high degree of stability and friendship and with consensus to international political issues, it can be said that Egypt is of particular importance to the Swiss Confederation which is based on specific key elements of the Swiss foreign policy as follows:

First, the selective approach of Swiss foreign policy, which relies on basic countries in each geographic region, and thus pushing Switzerland's concern to strengthen its political ties with Egypt, and continuing consultation with Egypt, due to its regional importance in the Middle East and active and moderate role in the region.

Secondly, the willingness of the Swiss Confederation in the equation of non-accession to the EU membership so far, to expand its foreign relations with the neighboring regions, especially those that represent a political and economic – bilateral or multilateral- importance to it.


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