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Political Relations

Tuesday، 02 June 2015 12:00 AM

Official diplomatic relations between Egypt and Hungary were established after the latter's independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1928. The first Egyptian Ambassador was dispatched to Hungary in 1948.

The Hungarian excavation missions started their work in Egypt in 1907, and made some significant discoveries in Sharouna in Menya Governorate, and Fashn. In 1983, the missions made discoveries in Thebes area, and discovered the tomb of Noble Digihotmos in Al Khoukha area as well.

One of the main pivots of the Egyptian-Hungarian relations was dispatching Egyptian students to the Hungarian universities to study mathematics, engineering, medicine, and agriculture.

The Hungarian President László Sólyom paid a successful visit to Egypt in December 2006. This visit marked the beginning of a new phase and revival of Egyptian-Hungarian relations.


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