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Scientific Relations

Thursday، 22 October 2015 12:00 AM

In 1981, Britain and Egypt signed a memorandum of understanding on nuclear cooperation between the two countries in peaceful uses, which included securing the use of nuclear power in the field of nuclear energy and nuclear installations to be used generally in peaceful fields as well as increased cooperation between the two countries in the fields of renewable energy such as solar energy and air (it is known that Egypt and Britain signed a Convention in 1984 for technical cooperation between them in the fields of electricity and non-conventional energy, including the training of Egyptian professionals in the nuclear field, especially in the operation and maintenance of power plants with nuclear power, as well as in researches.

Information Technology

Egypt has always valued its strong friendship with the United Kingdom, our relations today are better than ever in all fields. We maintain an ever-growing collaboration and technical cooperation in a wide range of areas, including investment promotion, financial services, consumer protection and competition, education, health and ICT sector.

Several agreements were signed between the Egyptian and British companies in the field of information technology, granting important contracts to the Egyptian companies to export their services to the African, European and Gulf markets.

Egyptian Barcotik Company and English Bblluotk Company have signed an agreement to use services of the Egyptian Company for the Arabization (localization) of the software and applications in the field of education for schools, equivalent to L.E 24 million.

An agreement was jointly signed by Volvo Group Global and five English companies with United Egyptian experts Company to build a consortium between the companies led by Volvo, which allows for the use of services and capabilities of the Egyptian Company as a partner for the Arabization (localization) of the software.

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