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Economic Relations

Thursday، 22 October 2015 12:00 AM

Bilateral Economic and trade relations are regulated by a number of Agreements covering all fields, topped by the Agreement on Egyptian-European Partnership, Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Taxes on Income and Capital, Agreement on Encouraging and Protecting Investments, Protocol on Agricultural Cooperation, Agreement between Austrian Economic Chamber and Egyptian Businessmen Association on Establishing a Joint Egyptian-Austrian Businessmen Council and Agreement between Egypt and Austria Governments on Economic, Technical, Industrial and Technological Cooperation.  

According to the Agreement on Economic, Industrial, Technical and Technological Cooperation signed in Cairo, on 12/9/1996 a Joint Committee on Technical and Economic Cooperation was established.

The following statement indicates trade between Egypt and Austria from 2007-2009 and from January to July 2010 in million euros, according to the data of Austrian Statistics Office.

Rate of Change





Statement in (million euros)









Egyptian exports







Egyptian imports







Trade volume







Trade balance


Egyptian- Austrian Businessmen Council

The Egyptian Austrian Businessmen Council was established in November 2006, according to the agreed upon during the President's visit to Austria to activate cooperation relations in all fields. The Council held four sessions alternatively between Egypt and Austria, the last one of which was from 16th to 19th March 2009 in Cairo.

Contractual Framework

Egyptian-European Association Agreement

Trade between Egypt and Austria is regulated by the Egyptian-European Association Agreement according to which Egypt and the European Union have been gradually establishing a “Free Trade Zone “ during a transitional period not exceeding twelve years from the date of entry into force, on 1/6/2004. The Agreement was signed on 25/6/2001 and ratified by the European Parliament on 29/11/2001. Parliaments of the 15 EU member states ratified it and Austria was the last member to ratify on 13/3/2004 before the new 10 countries access to the EU. The Protocol on the Adaptation of the Association Agreement was signed in Brussels on 20/12/2004 on the occasion of 10 new countries accession to the EU. On 1/1/2007 Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU according to the provisions of the accession list, the newly member states had to abide by applying the terms of Association Agreements concluded between the EU and the Foreign Countries, including Egypt, they should abide starting their accession date until concluding the protocols on the adaptation of the Agreement between the EU and those countries. Thus the Association Agreement was spontaneously applied on Romania and Bulgaria from 1/1/2007 including the preferential provisions listed in the Agreement, the agreement gives: 

• Most Egyptian exports are industrial products listed in chapters 25 - 97 of the composite categorization to be given immediate customs exemption.
• Egypt and the EU liberated their trade from the agricultural, industrial agricultural and fish products listed in chapters from 1 - 24 of the customs tariff.
• It is worth mentioning that Appendix (1) of the adaptation protocol replaces protocol (1) annexed to the Agreement. The appendix is related to the Egyptian exports of the agricultural commodities, and the entering into force of the Association Agreement on the newly 10 countries accessing the EU on 1/5/2004 and expanding Egyptian exports share of some agricultural products in line with the recent expansion of the EU.
• The EU is the most important trade partner to Egypt, where Egypt's exports to the EU are about 40% of the total Egyptian exports, while the Egyptian imports are about 37% of the total Egyptian imports.

Bilateral Agreements between Egypt and Austria:

1. Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Evasion from Imposed Taxes on Income and Money Capital signed on 16/10/1962, in Vienna. The two countries are negotiating to hold new agreement pacing the current developments.
2. Protocol on Agricultural Cooperation signed in Cairo, on 31/1/1981
3. Agreement on Cooperation in Tourism between the Governments of Egypt and Austria signed in the Austrian Grates city, on 11/11/1983.
4. Bilateral Agreement on Technological, Industrial, Technical and Economic Cooperation and Establishing a Joint Committee to meet regularly signed in Cairo, on 12/9/1996 and entered into force on 27/12/2000. Two rounds of the joint committee emerging from this Agreement were held in Cairo and Vienna from 12 to 19 June 2005. 
5. Bilateral Agreement on Encouraging and Protecting Investments signed in Cairo, on 12/4/2001.
6. Cooperation Protocol, in the field of technical training and transformation of Industrial technology signed by the Ministry of War Production with TGM in May 2004, to discuss the possibility of transferring the Austrian experience in applied sciences Universities system to Egypt
7. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation, in the field of Health Care between the Ministries of Health in both countries signed in Vienna, on 18/5/2004
8. Agreement on Bilateral Cooperation in the field of Railways signed in Cairo, on 25/3/2005.
9. Agreement on Establishing the Egyptian-Austrian Businessmen Council between the Austrian Economic Chamber and the Egyptian-Austrian Friendship Association signed in Cairo, on 14/11/2006.
10. Cooperation Protocol between the Austrian and Egyptian National Libraries in February 2007.
11. Framework Agreement on Presenting a Soft Loan estimated by 50 million Euros for financing developmental projects in Egypt, signed in October 2007.
12. Memorandum of Understanding on Enhancing Cooperation, in the field of Maritime, Railways and public transport, in October 2007.
13. A letter of Intent, on preparing a memorandum of understanding on technological cooperation in the field of health care, in October 2007.
14. Technical Cooperation Agreement between Austrian Technology Corporation (ATC) in the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Egyptian  River Transport Authority, in the field of river transport signed in Cairo, on 5/5/2008, and according to which ATC/Via Donau helps the River Transport Authority in the following: -

• Preparing the technical specifications of the RIS project, through exploring the Nile sector from Aswan to Qena, wherein the Project Pilot would be established as an Endeavour. In light of achieving success, the project would be generalized to the whole Nile River bed to converting it to a navigable stream.
• Assisting in the evaluation of Austrian companies that offered to participate in the implementation of the project.
• Assisting the Egyptian River Transport Authority in supervising the implementation of the project.
15. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the Austrian Advisory and the Central Agency for Organization and Administration in the field of reforming and developing the governmental cadre, signed in Cairo, in February 2009.
16. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the National Institute of Technology and Quality of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and its Austrian Counterpart signed in Vienna, in July 2009.



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