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Cultural Relations

Thursday، 29 October 2015 12:00 AM

Activation of cultural dialogue with the European countries

The Agreement on Cultural Cooperation signed between the two countries on 10/3/1983 organizes the bilateral relations in cultural, educational and scientific fields. The agreement is implemented through an executive programme which is renewed every three other years, the last of which was in 2002. The new draft executive programme is currently being elaborated.

The Embassy participates, in light of the available potentials in every cultural fora and events hosted by the Finnish International Cultural Council and the various cultural and social societies and institutions. The Ambassador delivered a number of lectures on the dialogue of civilizations and the importance of communication in order to reach a broader understanding to ensure the elimination of the phenomenon of defamation of religions, through the adoption of measures that lead to the criminalization of such phenomenon.

The Embassy faces difficulty to promoting cultural activities which are of the most important elements of communication with Nordics and Scandinavians, in particular in the administration of the Egyptian films week together with the cultural and tourist activities and symposia, associating this event, as a result of the high cost on the one hand and the lack of funds to cover this activity on the other.

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