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Political Relations

Monday، 09 November 2015 12:00 AM

Egypt and the Netherlands are bound by strong relations in all aspects of politics, trade, water and culture. Politically, the relations are stable and firm where the Netherlands agrees with Egypt on most political stances, including the Middle East issue where the Dutch position is consistent with that of the EU's.

The water cooperation between Egypt and the Netherlands is distinguished in the field of irrigation and water resources. The Dutch water council which celebrated the 30th anniversary of its foundation last year is convened annually, regularly between the two countries alternately.

There are 7 Coptic Churches in various Dutch cities, the biggest is in Amsterdam. The embassy is closely linked to the priests and pastors of these churches. The Ambassador or his representative usually participates   in the church's religious celebrations.
The Embassy members have good relations with all Islamic Foundations in the Netherlands, especially with members of the Board of the Mosque of Qubaa, where many of them attend religious meetings, perform ordained prayers in the mosque and accept breakfast invitations during the holy month of Ramadan.
Egyptian Organizations in the Netherlands:
1. The Egyptians' Union in the Netherlands.
2. Egyptian-Dutch Friendship Association.
3. The Human Development Road to Success Association.
4. Egyptian Businessmen Dutch Association.
5. Egyptian Businessmen Association.
6. The Association for the Promotion of Women and Children (A.P.W.A.C.).
7. The Charitable Association for burying Egyptians in Holland.
8. The Egyptian Association for Culture and Integration.
9. Coptic Churches in 7 different cities in the Netherlands

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