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Economic Relations

Monday، 09 November 2015 12:00 AM

The total volume of trade between the two sides in 2008 is about 666.4 million Norwegian kroner (equivalent to 119 million U.S. dollars) for Norwegian exports which amounted to 476.2 million kroner (about 85 million U.S dollars) represented in fish, seafood, hardware and telecommunications equipments and fiber optic. While the Egyptian import list, which worth 190.2 million kroner (about 34 million U.S dollars) from the Norwegian market, topped by vegetables, fruits, fertilizers and cotton textiles.

Stemming from the Egyptian keenness to strengthen trade cooperation with the countries in northern Europe, Egypt signed the Free Trade Agreement with EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein) in January 2007, which entered into force on the first of August 2007.

Contractual Framework

• Air Transport Agreement (Cairo, 11/03/1950).

• Agreement on the Prevention of Double Taxation and Evasion of Taxes on Income (Cairo, 20/10/1964) (Under consideration for renewal).

• Cultural Agreement (Oslo 26/09/1966).

• Financial Agreement between the National Bank of Egypt and the Norwegian Export Finance Institution (Oslo 27/04/1977).

• Agreement on Norwegian Financial and Technical Aid in the Development of Fisheries in Lake Nasser (Oslo, 02/09/1978).

• Agreement on Economic, Commercial, Industrial and Technical Cooperation (Cairo, 29/05/1978).

• Agreement for Cooperation in Science Research, between the University of Oslo and the University of Cairo.

• Agreement on Norwegian allocation of 30 million kroner to Furnish the Library of Alexandria (Alexandria, 06/12/1995).

• Memorandum of Understanding on Trilateral Cooperation with African Countries (10/01/1996).

• Memorandum of Understanding between the National Council for Women and the Norwegian Association of Rural Women (April 2007).

• Memorandum of Understanding between the National Council for Human Rights and the Egyptian National Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo (December 2005).

• Protocol on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the Royal Centre for Scientific Research and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Cairo (Cairo, 31/05/1992).

• Executive program for Scientific and Technological Protocol (Oslo 09/03/1992).

• Framework for Cultural Cooperation between Cairo University and the University of Oslo (for the years 94/95-95/96).

• Declaration on Economic Cooperation with EFTA (08/12/1995).

• Letter of Intentions between the Chambers of Commerce in both countries (28/11/1996).

• Reciprocal Books on Tax Exemption for Airlines between Egypt and Norway (12/01/1958).

• Reciprocal Books on the Value Increase of the Norwegian Loan agreed on in 27/04/1977 (08/05/1979).

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