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Political Relations

Tuesday، 10 November 2015 12:00 AM

Due to Poland’s political and economic weight among the States of Central and Eastern Europe and its wide political expertise, the former Prime Minister of Poland, Jerzy Buzek was elected to assume the post co-speaker with German member of the Socialist Group, Martin Schulz, who would assume the second term of presidency of the European Parliament, in the elections held in July 14th, 2009. The Former Polish Foreign Minister, Adam Rotfeld was selected to be among “Committee of the Elders” (including 12 members from 12 countries) which the Sectary General of the NATO formed to work on drafting the strategy and the new doctrine for the NATO, during the coming phase. It is scheduled as well that Poland would take over the presidency of the EU, during the Second half of 2011.

It is worth mentioning that the nature of the political, economic, trade relations and the volume of mutual visits between Egypt and Poland started to be promoted only during the last two years. Such period witnessed a number of senior visits, while not previously developed to the importance of Poland within the EU. Poland is the sixth largest State within the EU in terms of population, which gives it a large voting power within the European Parliament, where it holds 50 seats, in addition to being the sixth largest economy at the European level, further to establishing the diplomatic relations since 1927.

Political coordination and consultation mechanism between Egypt and Poland is regulated by the cooperation protocol signed between the Foreign Ministries in 1996, since the political consultation round is being held once a year, at the level of Assistant Foreign Ministers. Both Countries are currently working on making the timing of the coming consultation round in Cairo, where Polish Deputy Foreign Minister, "Jacek Nyder" expressed his aspiration to completing such round, due to its importance, to boosting bilateral relations and exchanging viewpoints on international and regional issues of common interest, as well as being an opportunity to getting acquainted and consult with the Polish side about their priorities, during his coming presidency of the European Union, at the second half of 2011.

The Egyptian-European Association Agreement began to regulate and organize trade relations after Poland’s accession to the EU, in May 2004 and the Egyptian exports to Poland had to comply with the provisions of such agreement. Therefore our agricultural and other processed exports have necessarily to comply with quotas and customs restrictions applied in the EU Countries.

With a population of about 38 million inhabitants, accumulated wealth of expertise, knowledge and man power, has contributed towards harnessing Poland's role as regional power in its arena, and a key player in directing and shaping the European Union's future policies, hence the Egyptian leadership realized the importance of reshaping and fostering relations with Poland consistent with the new requirements.

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