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Political Relations

Tuesday، 17 November 2015 12:00 AM

Bilateral with Lichtenstein:

Diplomatic relations between Egypt and Lichtenstein were set up in 2005 as both countries expressed their interest in enhancing the relations and cooperation between them.

Egypt and Lichtenstein exchange support for candidatures for posts in international organizations.

The economic and trade relations between the two countries are dynamic and are enhanced in 2007 by the conclusion of free trade agreement between Egypt and the European free trade area‚ known as the EFTA‚ which includes Lichtenstein in its membership‚ in addition to Switzerland‚ Norway and Iceland.

The free trade agreement between Egypt and the EFTA includes issues related to trade in goods‚ agriculture‚ intellectual property rights‚ investment and services‚ movement of capital‚ and economic cooperation and technical support.

With regard to investments‚ Hilti Company has a presence in Egypt‚ as one of the most important manufacturers of equipment and machinery. Hilti contributed to the unearthing sunken antiquities in front of the shores of Alexandria.

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