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Security Cooperation

Tuesday، 07 November 2017 12:00 AM

 The Egyptian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of International Cooperation signed an agreement on 17/4/2013 with Armtrak Limited to purchase the mine clearance equipment (Armtrak 400) to work on clearance of World War II mine remnants in the Northwest Coast.

According to a statement issued by the British Embassy in Egypt in May 2016, Egypt is considered an important military partner in the region and in the war against "Da'ash". Head of the international organizations department in the British Foreign Office, David Konkar said: "Egypt's membership of the Security Council is an opportunity to assume power in combating Da'ash and restore stability in Libya.   He furthered to stress that the United Kingdom is seeking to realize a close partnership with Egypt in the Security Council, in face of the recent global challenges, which was confirmed by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, who considered Egypt was a cornerstone of stability in the Middle East region.

 The Egyptian-British Friendship Association Lords, underlined Britain’s keenness on strengthening its relations with Egypt in the field of combating terrorism, during their meeting with the commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, Sedqi sobhi.

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