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Scientific Relations

Monday، 18 January 2016 12:00 AM

Egyptian-Chinese cooperation in the field of education boasts the presence of a mechanism for:

Exchanging missions: The Egyptian and Chinese sides held the 1st joint educational seminar in Beijing in 1996. This seminar has become a high-level mechanism between the two countries.

Cooperation between educational institutions: Egypt and China signed a number of educational cooperation agreements since 1956, most notably the agreement signed by the ministries of education of the two countries in Cairo on November 17, 1997 on the mutual recognition of diplomas. Also a number of joint cooperation agreements were signed by Cairo University, Alexandria University, Ain Shams University, American University in Cairo, Zagazig University and Minya University, and Paking University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai Second Foreign Language School, affiliated with Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai International Studies University and Teachers College in Anhui respectively.

Increasing number of Chinese students to Egypt: The number of Chinese students sent to Egypt by the government exceeded 200 students in 50 years during the period from 1955 until 2005. The educational aspects for the students are no longer limited to languages and literature, but included natural science, industry, agriculture and medicine.

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