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Economic Relations

Thursday، 03 December 2015 12:00 AM

 The commercial cooperation witnessed a big leap in 2007, rising to $ 76 million from 8.1 million in 2005, then to more than $ 250 million in 2008 by virtue of the wheat exports to Egypt. However, the volume of trade dropped to less than $ 50 million in 2009 due to halting the wheat transactions.

Contractual Framework

Agreements signed between Egypt and Kazakhstan

  • Agreement for Promotion and protection of investments 14/02/1993.
  • Agreement for economic, scientific and technical cooperation 14/02/1993 (effective date 06/14/1994).
  • Trade Agreement 14/02/1993 (ratified by Egyptian side only) .
  • Protocol of Establishment of Consultations Mechanism between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries 14/02/1993.
  • Tourism cooperation agreement 25/05/1995 (effective date 05/28/1998)
  • Agreement for establishing the Egyptian-Kazakh Academy 01/11/1992.
  • The basis of agreement and cooperative relations 14/02/1993.
  • Protocol for media cooperation 14.02.1993.
  • Protocol for cooperation in the field of environment 14/02/1993.
  • Agreement for Cooperation in the field of Youth and Sport 28/05/1995.
  • Agreement for Cooperation in the field of agriculture 16/06/1995 (ratified by Egyptian side only).
  • Cooperation agreement between the Institutes of Diplomatic Studies in both countries 20/06/1998.
  • Agreement on cooperation in the fields of education, culture, science 20/06/1998.
  • Egyptian University of Islamic culture (Nour - Mubarak) 21/06/2001.
  • Air transport agreement (Council of Ministers), 11/11/2001.
  • Agreement in the field of animal health 15/11/2001.
  • Agreement on Cooperation in the field of public health and medicine 28/12/2003.
  • Agreement for exempting holders of diplomatic passports from visa 7/11/2006 . A presidential decree was signed by President of the Republic in August 2007 for approval of the agreement.
  • Memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the cultural field 07/11/2007.
  • Protocol about joining of Kazakhstan Republic to the WTO 07/11/2006.
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministries of Culture of the two countries during the meeting of the Joint Committee February 25 to 27, 2007.
  • Agreement for cooperation in the security field 13/3/2007.
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Arab Republic of Egypt and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 13/3/2007.
  • Agreement of establishing the Joint Business Council 13/3/2007.
  • Protocol of cooperation in the field of Constitutional control and the Judicial system 31/7/2007.
  • Cooperation agreement for the restoration of Mosque of Sultan al-Zahir Baybars 28/10/2007.
  • Protocol on cooperation between Alexandrina Library and the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan 5/3/2008.

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