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Local Administration

Ismailia Governorate

Ismailia is the eastern gateway of Egypt adjacent to the Asian continent and the Asian Arab and Islamic countries. The governorate lies on Suez Canal banks and is bordered to the north by Port Said and Suez to the south.

Red Sea Governorate

The Red Sea Governorate is one of Egypt's border governorates, with its capital Hurghada. The strategic importance of the governorate lies in its extension along the Red Sea coast and into the Eastern Desert until the Nile Valley, which makes it strategically important for Egypt's national.

Aswan Governorate

Aswan is located on the eastern bank of the River Nile, 899 km south Cairo, it is a link between Egypt and Sudan, which is the gateway to the heart of the African, making it an important commercial center.

Menya Governorate

Menya is North Upper Egypt region's governorate that encompasses Fayoum, Menia, and Bani Sweif. It is one of the governorates that characterized by its rural style and is renowned

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