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Local Administration

Aswan Governorate

Aswan is one of the governorates of South Upper Egypt region that includes Suhag, Qena, Aswan, Red Sea, and Luxor. It is the southern gate of Egypt and the liaison between northern and southern parts of the Nile Valley and between Egypt and Africa as well.

Luxor Governorate

Luxor governorate was established by virtue of Presidential decree No. 378 of 2009. Luxor city dates back to the pre-history eras. It is one of the most iconic monumental cities in the world, a city of civilization; its roots are deeply entrenched in history witnessing the splendor of man’s a

Red Sea Governorate

The Red Sea has gained strategic importance across history as a main artery bridging east and west. Hence the Red Sea governorate enjoys such privilege, and due to its historical, economic, political, and geophysical dimensions, it has become a governorate of all times; the past, the present, and th

New Valley Governorate

New valley is by far one of the largest governorates in Egypt. The governorate enjoys by far the hugest phosphate reserves in Abo-Tartour region. Thus, an integrated industrial complex is to be established in the area for phosphoric acid production.

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