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According to article (102) of the Constitution, the House of Representatives is composed of no less than four hundred and fifty members elected by direct secret public ballot.  The President of the Republic may appoint no greater than 5% of the members; the method of nomination thereof shall be stipulated by Law.
Member percentages
The House of Representatives is composed of 596 members. The number of the elected members is 568, including 325 independent and 243 partisan, representing 19 political parties. Some 28 members were appointed by a presidential decree.
Number of youth in the parliament is 185 members including 60 under the age of 35 and 125 from 36 to 45, representing about 32.6% of the total number of members.
While, number of women is 89 members including 75 elected and 14 appointed, representing about 14.9% of the total number of members.
House of Representatives 
Elected members
President Abdel Fattah El Sisi issued on December 31, 2015 a decree to appoint 28 members at the new House of Representatives.
The appointed lawmakers are:
1- Caroline Yousry, 29, (director of human resources at Peugeot Egypt).
2- Rania Elwani, 38, (a gynecologist and director of Elwani Swimming Academy).
3- Marianne Azer, 38, (communications minister's assistant for strategic initiatives).
4- Magda Bakry, 41, (assistant lecturer at Sadat Academy for Management Sciences).
5- Doaa Soliman, 41, (lecturer at Cairo University's Faculty of Law).
6- Gehad Amer, 42, (director of the general department for public and external relations).
7- Hala Abu Ali, 43, (a professor at Cairo University's Faculty of Economics and Political Science and Secretary General of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood).
8- Shereen Farrag, 44, (an associate professor at the Modern University for Technology and Information).
9- Rasha Ismail, 44, (a professor at Cairo University's Faculty of Literature).
10- Galila Henawy, 58, (a senior specialist at the Egyptian Radio and Television Union).
11- Mohga Hashem, 60, (a professor emeritus at Al Azhar University's Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies for Girls).
12- Anisa Hassouna, 62, (Executive Director of the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation).
13- Pacinthe Fahmy, 64, (President and Managing Director of Al Mashoura Consulting Firm).
14- Lamis Hanen, 68, (a political writer and author).
15- Osama el Azhari, 39, (an adviser to the president).
16- Khaled Mohamed, 43, (an attorney at law at the high court of appeal and the State Council).
17- Abdel Fattah Serag Eddin, 48, (chairman of the general society for land reclamation).
18- Karim Darwish, 50, (a member at the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs).
19- Ashraf el Araby, 56, (adviser for tax reform at the International Monetary Fund).
20- Gamal Sheha, 58, (a professor of oncology surgery at Cairo University).
21- Amr Sedqi, 58, (Chairman of Creative Travel International).
22- Hussein Eissa, 59, (President of Ain Shams University).
23- El Sayed Abdel Meguid, 63, (Leader of Tagammu Party).
24- El Sayed Felayfel, 65, (a professor emeritus at Cairo University's Institute of African Research and Studies).
25- Hassan Bassiony, 70, (chairman of the economic legislation panel at the Legislative Reform Committee).
26- Mohamed el Qaeed, 71, (a journalist at Dar Al Hilal).
27- Serri Seyam, 74, (former head of the Supreme Judicial Council).
28- Bahaa Eddin Hassan, 77, (a lawyer).
Parliamentary Specific Committees 
1- Constitutional and Legislative Committee
2- Plan and Budget Committee
3- Economic Committee
4- Foreign Relations Committee
5- Arab Affairs Committee
6- Defense and National Security Committee
7- Suggestions and Complaints Committee
8- Manpower Committee
9- Industry and Energy Committee
10- Agriculture and Irrigation Committee
11- Religious Committee
12- Culture and Media Committee
13- Education and Scientific Research Committee
14- Health Committee
15- Transportation Committee
16- Housing and utilities Committee
17- Local Administration Committee
18- Human Rights Committee
19- Youth and Sports Committee 

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