21 June 2024 12:09 PM
Statement by Ministry of Social Solidarity about NGOs Law

Stemming from our belief in the importance of keeping an open and effective communication channel with our partners in development, and particularly during the process of preparing a new NGOs law, the Ministry of Social Solidarity would like to clarify the following:

Real Estate Financing Law

The following text will replace the second article of Law No. 148 for the year 2001 on issuing the real estate financing law:

Traffic Law

The following articles replace the texts of articles No. 7, 13, 35 bis (1), 66, 72 bis (2), 74, 74 bis, 74 bis (2), 76 of the traffic law issued by law No. 66 for the year 1973:

Law for regulating Exercise of Some Political Rights

The provisions of the attached law on the regulation of some political rights shall be effective and Law No. 73 of 1956

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