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Operational plans

Tuesday، 04 June 2013 12:00 AM

Given the importance of tourism industry for national economy, a strategy has been developed to increase the competitiveness of Egyptian tourism at the global level and increase the sector's contribution to advance economic development by attracting more tourists to Egypt and also by diversifying tourism types and by multiplying the number of hotels to accommodate the target number of tourists.

Egypt is seeking an increase in the number of tourists.

Egypt is thus keen on achieving the following objectives

First: At the level of tourism promotion:

• Maintaining growth and protecting Egypt's competitive advantage on the major traditional markets, namely: Russia, Germany, Britain, Italy, and France.
• Increasing the number of tourists coming from emerging markets, namely: Ukraine, Poland, and Czech Republic.
• Developing and diversifying tourism on an ongoing basis so as to meet the needs and requirements of foreign markets.

Second: At the level of business climate:

The Ministry of Tourism seeks to encourage investment in order to create a climate favorable to achieving development and the strategic goals of tourism sector. The tourism development strategy can be summed up as follows:

• Maximizing the role of the private sector and limiting the government's planning, supervision and follow-up role.
• Developing the legal and institutional framework of investment guarantees and incentives.
• Encouraging investment through regional development plans and through creating 52 functionally integrated private-sector-owned and run tourism centers stretching from the coast deep into the desert.

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