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Egypt and African Economic Blocs

Wednesday، 22 June 2011 12:00 AM

After the January 25 Revolution, Egypt was keen on redefining its foreign policy priorities, including balancing its relations, particularly with African countries. Egypt's long absence from the African arena has given the chance for other powers to sneak and threaten its interests.

In this sense, we can understand the significance of the Prime Minister's visit to South Africa, as he headed Egypt's delegation to the second summit of the groupings of the COMESA and the SADC and the East African Community Summit.

This reflects Egypt's keenness on strengthening its cooperation and friendship with African countries and blocs in general and the COMESA Member States in particular.

In all cases, Egypt's participation in this summit is an important step that is integrated with other political approaches adopted by Egypt after the revolution toward Africa, including:

- Egyptian PM's tour at both Uganda and Ethiopia, as well as the public diplomacy visit to the two countries, and a similar visit to Sudan.

Finally, Egypt sends a message that it is determined to open a new page with Africa based on trust and mutual interests, and to re-employ its foreign policy in order to achieve its interests.

Egypt and COMESA


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