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Egyptian - Gulf Investment Forum

Thursday، 04 February 2016 12:00 AM


Under auspices of the Prime Minister Hazem Beblawi and in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, Egyptian -Gulf investment forum, was launched on Wednesday, December 4, 2013.
The forum held during the period  4 - 5 December. The Ministers of the Economic Group in Egypt and some 500 of Egyptian businessmen and Gulf and foreign have participated.
This Forum has a great importance to the Egyptian economy, where Egypt is seeking to attract new investments by presenting 60 projects to Gulf investors that will support and strengthen the Egyptian economy and provide more jobs.
Forum topics:
Forum addresses four topics:
1. Investment in Egypt.. Policies and viewpoints.
2. Economic Strategy in Egypt.
3. The role of investment in the development and rasing income and providing jobs.
4. Efforts to improve the investment atmosphere - institutional and organizational preparation.
Forum activities
- Held a seminar on December 4 under the theme "investment policies and their fields in Egypt", included a discussion of Egypt's economic strategy, and the role of investment in development, providing job opportunities, improving the investment scene in Egypt, as well as a review of policies, regulations and investment laws, the investment atmosphere, opportunities, and a discussion of the Egyptian market's role in stimulating the economy through the exchange market.
- Held a seminar with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Bahaa El Din, Minister of Finance Ahmed Galal, Governor of the Central Bank Hisham Ramez, and head of the committee to amend the constitution Amr Moussa, as well as of, chairman of “Emaar” Mohamed Alabbar, and CEO of the Russian Fund direct investment Kirill Dmitriev

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