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4th World Government Summit

4th World Government Summit

Monday، 08 February 2016 12:00 AM

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail left Cairo on Sunday 7/2/2016 for Dubai, where he will take part in the World Government Summit 2016.

PM Ismail is leading an Egyptian delegation grouping International Cooperation Minister Sahar Nasr and Investment Minister Ashraf Salman.

Ismail will deliver Egypt's speech that will review efforts made by the government to achieve sustainable development, provide better services for citizens in various fields and facilitate investment operations.

Since 2013, the UAE government has hosted an annual Summit that brings together government officials, thinkers, policy makers and private sector executives to discuss the best ways to develop the future of government.

The World Government Summit will witness 10 major changes. The first is the new name and the logo, while the second change is the transformation of the summit from a forum to an organization that offers integrated knowledge services for more than 150 governments and global organizations with the goal of foreseeing future governments, creating knowledge and organizing events throughout the year.

Thirdly, the summit will answer tomorrow's questions by preparing for the future and proposing solutions to challenges.

Fourthly, the summit will issue government research and reports and launch global development indicators constantly throughout the year.

The fifth change will be visible in the nature of the sessions, with their duration and mechanisms enhanced to ensure better dialogue between speakers and the audience. The sixth change includes the development of a smart application and the website of the World Government Summit as knowledge platforms.

The seventh change will be the introduction of a smart application to provide effective communication between the participants.

The eighth change is the ‘Edge of Governments' exhibition, aimed at enabling 15 governments  to share their experiences and knowledge on applied disruptive innovations.

As the ninth change, an annual guest of the summit will showcase various experiences, while the 10th change is the launch of a new annual award – World Government Summit Award – to honor the best minister in the world who has led a new and successful qualitative government project.

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