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Cultural Tourism

Sunday، 21 February 2016 11:46 AM

Cultural and archeological tourism are considered the traditional kind of tourism in Egypt. Egypt embraces several Pharanoic, Greek and Roman historic antiquities and museums. Cultural tourism has started since the discovery of ancient Egyptian antiquities and the decipher of the hieroglyphics.

Ever since, missions of archaeology, explorers and authors of tourist books were very keen on vesting Egypt and documenting its astonishing past and promising future.

The important cultural tourism areas at Cairo& Giza, Alexandria, Upper Egypt, Sinai, Fayoum city, oasis and musuems as follows:

1-Cairo,Giza : Sud Al-kafara, Aon city,  Pyramid plateau, Sakara and, Dahshour.

2-Alexandria: Sawari Column, the Roman Theater, the Roman Baths, The Black Head temple, Kom Shoqafa tomb.

3-Upper Egypt:

Luxor City: Karnak Temple, Luxor temple, Happi temple, Valley of  kings, Valley of  Queens, Dir El medina, mummification Museum at Luxor.

Aswan City: Abu Simbel Museum the big & small, Philae Island, Plants Island (EL Nabatat Island).

Biliana City: Abidous

Qina City: Nadra Museum

Menya City: El Amarma hill 

Beni Suef City: Archaeological Modern area.Al- Ashmounin City, Tunna el-Gabl.

4- Fayoum City:

Al-Lahoun Pyramid, Hawara Pyramid, Senosirt Obelisks& Madi city.

5-The Oases:

El-kharaga oasis: Hipis temple, Elbagwat tomb, El Queta temple, El Riyan Qasr , El Riyan temple, Qasr el Dine. 

El-  Dakhla Oasis: Mot, Bashandi tomb, Islamaic & Pharaonic Ballat Village, El  Haggar Monastry, Islamic Qasr Village.    

 Siwa Oasis: Juibter Amun temple ElGazina temple, the Dead  Mountain, Tanoboaat (Prophecies) temple.

 El Bahariya Oasis: It contains 268 sulpher & minerals springs.           Paris Oasis: Doush temple,El Farafara Oasis,It contains ElFarafara Qasr, Abou Manakara Qasr.



Egyptian Museum, Islamic Art, El-Gawhara Qasr, Greek Qasr, ElManial Qasr,  Mahmoud Mokhtar, Mohammed Mahmoud khalil, Egyptian Coptic Art, Mahmoud Said in Alexandria,  Maritimein Alexandria,  Aswan Museum in Aswan,  Agriculture Museum.

Milita at El Alameen, Mersa Matrouh, Nagi, Railways lines, Mansoura Museum located at Luqman, Donshawi Musuem posts, El Shama (waxen) museum, also the Mummification Museum at the Pharoanic Village.

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