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Walt Disney Characters in propagation for Tourism Fairy Egypt Initiative

Wednesday، 21 February 2018 12:00 AM

Fairy Egypt is an Egyptian artistic initiative  launched by the Egyptian young artist Mohamed Salah. He exhibited a number of digital paintings  making use of Walt Disney’s characters portraying them  in Egyptian archaeological sites to encourage tourists to visit Egypt and enjoy its history and monuments.

The young artist selected Disney’s characters to attract and reveal the beauty of the tourist destinations in Egypt as they are popular worldwide and loved by people in all ages, believing that such characters shaped the identity of most of us in childhood.

Fairy Egypt is not Salah’s first project revealing the enchantment and beauty of Egypt to encourage and propagate for tourism. He  presented a lot of other artistic works including  last year project entitled” The beauty of Egypt, “Flowery Cairo” initiative  and “Imaginary Egypt”.

It is worth to mention that Mohamed Salah  has been awarded the best British Book Cover in 2016 for designing Helene Addison’s book “Once upon a time” and he has become famous for his outstanding artistic works.

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