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Advantages of the Russian proposal

Sunday، 29 November 2015 12:00 AM

The advantages of Russian proposal, which will be implemented by "Rosatom" company as follows:
•      The absence of any political conditions on Egypt for the establishment of the nuclear plant, where Russia has a long history of supporting Egypt, previously it has     established Anshas reactor, and contributed to the establishment of the High Dam,
•      Russia is the only country that manufactures nuclear power plant components 100%, and does not rely on importing station components from any other country,
•      Russia established Information Center of nuclear energy, and spread awareness of dealing with it, and its benefits for Egypt to solve the electricity crisis, social, political and economic return for this project,
•      Russian proposal is the best economically, since Egypt is to start paying the nuclear plant cost over 35 years that starts after the completion of the project, from the savings resulting from the station, and with a grace period of 18 months, as well as the contribution of Egyptian companies by 20% of the establishment process of the station,
•      conducting training courses for engineers and workers in Russia on how to use of the nuclear technology, and the transfer of Russian expertise in this field, along with the establishing of technical secondary school of nuclear energy in Egypt,
•      the Russian side provides about 90% of the foreign component, and Egypt provides 10% of the local component of the station, while the other offers received by the Ministry of Electricity included the proportion of 80 to 85% of the foreign component, and 15 and 20% of the local component,
•      Egypt has the right to cooperate with other countries in the implementation of the next phases of the station, as commensurate with the political and social interests of Egypt, and
•      Russian proposal helps operate and activate local industries, such as cables to be non-combustible, and activate the industries of pipes, tanks, furniture, and concretes. Therefore, it develops those industries, and providing new lines in the factories to serve the station program, as well as appointing about 3 thousand employee of technicians and engineers.

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