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The nature of the nuclear plant

Sunday، 29 November 2015 12:00 AM

o  The nuclear plant will include four nuclear reactors of the third developed generation, production capacity of 1200 MW for each reactor, at a cost of $ 20 billion. The establishment of the first two reactors will be completed within nine years, starting from the implementation date, followed by operating the third unit after a year, then a year later the operation of fourth and final unit.

o  The nuclear reactor of the third generation has a high capacity and valid up to 80 years, in addition to its security, even in case of an accident of aircraft weighing 400 tons at 150 meters per second.

o  Nuclear reactor also has the ability to not to influence the surrounding environment, as the burning of a large amount of nuclear fuel "Uranium" from 3.5 to 4%, and the output of a small amount of radioactive waste.

o  The reactor contains a sophisticated control system, reduces human error ratios.

o  Per reactor contains three boilers, each boiler produces 1200 megawatts per day.

o  Reactors that will be "plain water compressed," a type used in 83% of the nuclear power plants around the world.


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