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Political Relations

Thursday، 10 December 2015 12:00 AM

The Egyptian Embassy succeeded to include more than 120 trainees from Malawi in various training courses in cooperation with the Egyptian fund for technical cooperation with Africa and different other national institutions, in addition to the inclusion of 6 Malawian students in the scholarships offered by the Egyptian Universities to get a higher education degrees, and currently the Embassy is in the process of selecting 9 students to receive scholarships from Al Azhar university in addition to two secular university degrees.

The envoys of Al-Azhar play a positive role to increase the awareness of the muslim population of Malawi with the true and moderate principles and rituals of the Islamic religion, in addition to the recent approval of Al Azhar to accommodate three preachers to participate in the celebrations of the holy Month of Ramadan.

-  The Embassy presented a number of  donations to the Republic of Malawi that included:

  1. Dairy products to HIV/AIDS positive people
  2. Blankets, cooking oil for the victims of the flood
  3. A fertilizer consignment to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.
  4. A luxurious sofa set as a gift to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. A donation to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Honourable Mrs. Joyce Banda for the establishment of a mosque in her constituency
  6. A donation of 20 computers and 20 printers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For the Malawians, Egypt is a Regional power with a rich history, and accordingly they are very keen to maximise their utilization of the accumulated long Egyptian experience in the fields of Agriculture and Irrigation

The concerned authorities in Malawi welcomed the offer of the Egyptian authority for Civil Aviation to hold a round of negotiations in August 2010 to establish a cooperation agreement on Civil Aviation services.

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