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Economic Relations

Monday، 14 December 2015 12:00 AM

Trade Volume

There is no accurate data in this concern, but the estimations evaluate the percentage of the Egyptian goods in the Eritrean market with 10% on the average ,sometimes this percentage reaches 60% especially that the Egyptian goods are highly acceptable to the Eritrean citizen. The mechanism of organizing Egyptian Exhibitions in Eritrea is considered the most effective one for the commercial interchange. Egypt had five Exhibitions since the independence of Eritrea; the last one was in July 2008 (four Exhibitions by a private organizer, and one Exhibition by the Egyptian General Organization for International Exhibitions & Fairs GOIEF).

There are many positive indications for boosting the economic and commercial relations between the two countries especially in the following fields:
• Energy and Mining “the project of the Net of electrical connections between the five important cities and its suburbs and villages”.
• Digging wells, building dams, storing the rain water, using the technology of the green houses in agriculture.
• Cooperation in the field of fishing.
• Cooperation in the field of the medical care.
• Coordination in the field of the Civil Aviation.

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