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Educational Relations

Tuesday، 22 December 2015 12:00 AM

Cooperation between Cairo University and the University of Pretoria

An Extended meeting was held at the University of Pretoria in July 2010 between the President of Cairo University, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Pretoria Professor  De la Ray together with the Ambassador of Egypt in South Africa, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and the head of the Political Science Department of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science.

The main results of the meeting was the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate cooperation between the Universities, in Depth consultation was held to explore ways and means of cooperation in the field of academic research and exchanging experiences about the state of the art of political sciences in both universities. The cooperation in elaborating an African perspective for studying political and social phenomena was also discussed in addition to exchanging experiences and visions related to African issues and regional African relationships in general and bilateral relationships in particular.

Also discussed was a Political sciences conference which would be held in Cairo (spring 2011) in order to found the basis for continuous cooperation and networking between political scientists at both sides' universities and research centers. The title of the conference would be elaborated jointly. The conference object would illustrate profoundly as well as comprehend the wider context of Egyptian–South African relations. So the conference will cover practical as well as academic objects, both are needed for enhancing the partnership between two countries.

Egyptian Participation in the Human Rights Court Module at the Law School of the University of Pretoria

Egypt participated in the Annual Celebration of the International Human Rights Day organized by the University of Pretoria, and it was highly appreciated that the students who represented Egypt in the Human Rights Court Module at the Law School of the University of Pretoria won the first prize. It is worth mentioning that Universities from all over the African Continent participated in the Human Rights Court Module.

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