23 July 2024 03:55 AM
Secured and smart documents complex

It is the first and most modern integrated industrial technology complex for secured and smart documents in the Middle East and Africa.

New Delta project

The New Delta project is one of the mega projects in the agricultural field, and it is being built on an area of more than one million acres in the northwest coast.

The "Mustaqbal Misr" project for agricultural production in the Western Desert

The "Mustaqbal Misr" (Egypt’s Future) project is located within the area of the giant project of "New Delta", along the new Rod El Farag\ El Dabaa axis, near the airports of Sphinx and Burj Al Arab and the ports of Dekheila and Alexandria, which helps to facilitate the delivery of production require

Walkway of Egyptians

The state seeks to increase the open spaces for hiking by taking advantage of the elements of natural tourism owned by Egypt and on March 18, 2022 the project "Walk of the People of Egypt" was inaugurated

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