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Egypt and Syria

Wednesday، 07 July 2010 12:00 AM

The Egyptian-Syrian relationship is considered a model for strong and close relation, as the two countries are bonded together with historic, political, economic, social and cultural bonds that have helped the movement of individuals between the two countries.

Throughout their history, the Egyptian-Syrian relations have been characterized as distinguished relations that find their roots in a common history.

The experience of the unity that was established between Egypt and Syria in 1958 did not arise from a vacuum, and the establishment of the United Arab Republic was just  a link in a long and continuous chain that formed a historical bond which links Egypt and Syria and creates features and interactions between the two countries.

Although the separatist movement arose in Syria in 1961 and then the revolution of 3/8/1963, it was expected  that other attempts would follow to re-establish another organizational framework governing Egyptian-Syrian relations, such as the April 17th 1963 Charter, which was called The unity Agreement between Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

There was also the agreement of the Union of Arab Republics signed in Benghazi on April 17, 1971 among  Egypt, Syria and Libya. All  those experiences confirm the importance of the Egyptian Syrian relationship as a vital and pivotal relationship towards common challenges on the regional and international arenas.

In June 2013, former President Mohamed Morsi announced terminating diplomatic relations with the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and then he was removed from power in July 2013, and it was agreed to open a diplomatic outlet through consular work to serve the two countries' citizens.



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