14 August 2022 03:25 AM
Folklore in Egypt

It is likely that the term "folklore was foreign to the legacy of civilization in Ancient Egypt, because we are used to relating the mythologies which resulted from the deeply-rooted belief of Ancient Egyptians.

Music & Singing in Egypt

The region around the Nile is one of the oldest continually-inhabited areas in the world.

Arabic Language Day

During its 190th session the UNESCO Executive Board adopted a decision to celebrate 18 December of every year as International Arabic Language Day. The new initiative, proposed by Morocco and Saudi Arabia, seeks to promote multilingual and cultural diversity, as well as celebrate Arabic language’s r

Ballet in Egypt

Pharaohs are pioneers in creating drama which narrates stories by dancing. This is clear in inscriptions of the Fifth Dynasty, showing women dancing in regular groups, similar to what we see in the modern ballet dance.

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