21 June 2024 12:12 PM
Shadi Abd al-Salam

More than three decades ago, Shadi Abdel-Salam, stirred the amazement of the western world when he introduced his film Al-Momiaa otherwise known as The Night of Counting The Years.

Nadia Lutfi

Paula Mohamed Lutfi Shafiq born in 1938, Cairo to an Egyptian father and a Polish Mother, was one of the most popular actresses during of the Egyptian cinema’s

Nour El-Sherif

Nour El-Sherif born on April 28, 1946. He is a contemporary Egyptian actor. His birth name is Mohamed Jaber Mohamed Abdullah.

Fouad al-Mohandes
1924 - 2006

The third of four siblings, Fouad al-Mohandes was born to a father who was a linguist, a professor at Dar al-Ollum, (the Arabic Language College) and a member of the Arabic Language Academy.

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