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Egypt after two years of Sisi's rule...racing against time

Thursday، 09 June 2016 02:09 PM

The Egyptian people, under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, who assumed power after an overwhelming popular support hitting 96.9 percent in elections on June 8, 2014, are engaged in a fateful battle.


This battle is the most important and decisive in their modern history for steering the homeland away from the black and painful future that plagued several peoples in the Middle East. This battle is aimed at uprooting terrorism which is disguising under the cloak of religion while it tarnished the image of religion through its mean bloody acts of terrorism. It is a battle of self-determination for cementing the state of stability towards a state of building and reconstruction in an effort to launch the bases of Modern Egypt that is adopting the state-of-the-art scientific methods.


A first quick look at the numerous achievements that were realized over the past two years attests to a clear vision of the requirements of the current stage and high capability of planning and swift implementation of projects to overcome crises and redress imbalances to go ahead with the process of reconstruction.


Egypt has managed over the past two years to achieve a remarkable level of security and stability ending five years of chaos during the transitional period that did not take long thanks to the awareness of the Egyptian people and the valor of the sincere Egyptian soldiers under the then defense minister Abdel Fattah El Sisi. They managed to end the rule of a radical group that worked to polarize the Egyptian society and change its cultural, religious and social identity. After this group was toppled, it joined hands with other terrorist groups in a bid to undermine the homeland and kill members of the army, police and judiciary. At the same time, the Egyptian people have given the best example for fighting terrorism nationwide out of their faith that the road to stability and development starts with achieving security.


Egypt has focused over the past two years on modernizing its Armed Forces through providing the army with the most recent weapons in a way that enables the army men to defend all the Egyptian territory. This state of affairs took the rank of the Egyptian army on the international rating list to be number 14 worldwide.


Meanwhile, the hand that is carrying the weapon to defend the homeland, was accomplishing several achievements at the level of development and reconstruction. These achievements included ending the crisis of electricity that has gripped the country since 2011 until 2014, through setting up several power stations. Also, about 5,000 kilometers of roads were established while other roads are being improved. The sector of housing was not an exception as it has seen remarkable improvement through setting up several housing projects, atop of which comes the low-cost housing units, in an effort to end the problem of slums. Also, the State is working to set up several new cities atop of which comes the new administrative capital.


The State is also working to maintain the value of the local currency and minimize the effect resulting from any increase of the exchange rate on the prices of commodities on the local market through providing basic commodities at affordable prices.


Achievements over the past two years cover also the sectors of water with the government establishing many water and sanitary sewage stations in all parts of Egypt. Also, one of the most salient and important projects is that of reclaiming 1.5 million feddans to increase the arable land in Egypt together with setting up more than 70 grain silos.


The government is exerting relentless efforts for achieving progress and realizing development in a record time in all sectors.


The administration of president Sisi managed over the past two years to protect Egypt against chaos that plagued several countries in the Middle East that caused dire consequences in these countries.


This administration also managed to reformulate the Egyptian foreign policy so that Egypt was able to restore its active regional and international role.

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