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World Government Summit

Sunday، 27 March 2016 12:24 PM

8-10 February 2016



The fourth session of the World Government Summit opened in Dubai under the quote "Shaping Future government" with the participation of 3000 distinguishedfigure and expert in the public and private sectors, they are from 125 countries, including heads of state, top dignitaries, leaders and experts from the government and private sectors across the world.

The program included many aspects related to studies and research including teaching future, health care, public employment, inventions and technology, economics, labour market and human capital management, development and sustainability, and the cities of the future. 

This conference aims to discuss ways to develop future governments to bring developments, in addition to enabling governments to establish transparency and fairness towards society and the citizen service.

The program continues on previous years approach, seeking further development through the conversion of government summit from global event to a global organization focused on exploring the future of humanity in all sectors, and changed its name from a government summit to become the World Summit for governments due to the involvement of a large number of countries. Besides the establishment of a knowledge platform for specialized electronic world governments.

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