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Senate Elections

Sunday، 02 August 2020 10:47 PM

Full details of the number of electoral seats all over the Republic


President Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi ratified Law No.141 of 2020 by issuing the Senate Law. It was published in the Official Gazette.

The Senate law divided The Arab Republic of Egypt into (27) constituencies dedicated to the individual system, and (4) constituencies to the slate system.

The Senate is made up of (300) members; two thirds of its members are elected by secret ballot. The President of the Republic appoints the remaining third. The electoral system combines the slate and individual election systems with 100 members each.

The law requires that each electoral list shall comprise a number of candidates equal to the number required to be elected in the constituency and a waiting list containing the same number. Each list that has (15) seats shall include at least three women and each list of 35 seats shall include at least seven women.

The list that does not comply with the terms and conditions referred to in the previous paragraphs shall not be accepted. A single list may include more than one party's candidates, independent candidates who are not party-members, and may have both. In any case, the name of the party or the fact that the candidate is independent must be included in the single list in the nomination papers.

Full details of the number of electoral seats all over the Republic (slate system):

The first constituency

It is the constituency of Cairo Sector and south and central Delta, headquartered in Cairo Security Directorate. It comprises 35 seats in 6 governorates :

Cairo Governorate: 11

Qalyubia Governorate: 6

Daqahliya Governorate: 6

Menoufia Governorate: 4

Gharbia Governorate: 5

Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate: 3


The Second Constituency

It is the northern, central and southern Sectors of Upper Egypt, headquartered in Giza Security Directorate. It includes 35 seats in 11 governorates:

Giza Governorate: 8

Fayoum Governorate: 3

Beni Suef Governorate: 3

Minya Governorate: 5

Asyut Governorate: 4

New Valley Governorate: 1

Sohag Governorate: 5

Qena Governorate: 3

Luxor Governorate: 1

Aswan Governorate: 1

Red Sea Governorate: 1

The Third Constituency

The Eastern Delta Sector is headquartered in Al-Sharqia Security Directorate. It includes 15 seats in 7 Governorates:

Al-Sharqia Governorate: 7

Damietta Governorate: 2

Port Said Governorate: 1

Ismailia Governorate: 2

Suez Governorate: 1

North Sinai Governorate: 1

South Sinai Governorate: 1

The Fourth Constituency

It is the West Delta Sector,  headquartered in Alexandria Security Directorate. It includes 15 seats in 3 Governorates:

Alexandria Governorate: 7

Al-Beheira Governorate: 7

Matrouh Governorate: 1


Full details of the number of electoral seats all over the Republic (individual system)

Cairo Governorate constituency: 11

Qalyubia Governorate constituency: 6

Daqahliya Governorate constituency: 6

Menoufia Governorate constituency: 4

Gharbia Governorate constituency: 5

Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate constituency: 3

 Giza Governorate constituency: 8

Fayoum Governorate constituency: 3

Beni Suef Governorate constituency: 3

Minya Governorate constituency: 5

Asyut Governorate constituency: 4

New Valley Governorate constituency: 1

Sohag Governorate: 5

Qena Governorate constituency: 3

Luxor Governorate constituency: 2

Aswan Governorate constituency: 2

Red Sea Governorate constituency: 1

Al-Sharqia Governorate constituency: 7

Damietta Governorate constituency: 2

Port Said Governorate constituency: 1

Ismailia Governorate constituency: 1

Suez Governorate constituency: 1

North Sinai Governorate constituency: 1

South Sinai Governorate constituency: 1

Al-Beheira Governorate constituency: 7

Matrouh Governorate constituency: 1

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