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Egypt and Angola

Tuesday، 21 May 2019 11:53 AM

Angola was called by this name from the word Ngola, which is the name of the king (Ngola a Kiluanje) who was in power when the Portuguese came during the first centuries. It is the second largest oil producer and diamonds exporter in sub-Saharan Africa.


The Republic of Angola is located in the west of the African coast, bordered to the north and northeast by the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), and to the east by Zambia, to the south by Namibia, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean.


1.247 million km2  



Official Currency:


Official Language:

Portuguese is the country's official language along with many local dialects.

The historical political relations between the two countries are characterized by stability, where no tensions have been witnessed since the independence of Angola or during the civil war that extended from 1975 to 2002.

History of these relations dates back to 1965. The first regional office of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) was opened in Cairo, headed by Mr. Paulo Jorge, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, in order to support the Angolan liberation movements against the Portuguese colonialism. In this respect, the Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos expressed in several occasions his gratitude to Egypt for supporting his country during the period of the Portuguese colonialism and the Angolan civil war which lasted for more than 27 years.

Most Prominent Relations between Cairo and Luanda are as follows:

- On 16/12/2021, Hassan Abdel Shafi Ahmed, Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority, met Francisco Manuel, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Angola, on the sidelines of the meetings of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption that has been held in Sharm El-Sheikh, where they discussed the means of future cooperation in issues of common interest, including preventing and combating corruption and raising awareness from its dangers, exchanging experts and experiences, and paying due interest to training in the related fields.

-  On January 29, 2020 Counselor Said Marei, President of the Supreme Constitutional Court, and Counselor Adel Omar Sharif, Vice-President of the Supreme Constitutional Court, visited Angola to participate in the 12th session of the Executive Office of the Conference of African Constitutional Judicial Bodies; one of the AU mechanisms for enhancing cooperation between the African countries in the constitutional field. The meeting was dedicated to following up on the implementation of the resolutions of the fifth session of the General Assembly of the Conference which was held in Luanda in mid-2019, as well as preparing for the 6th session in Morocco in 2021. Some procedural issues have also been discussed, in addition to approving the program and the budget of the organization.

- On 11/11/2019 President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi congratulated President Joao Manuel Lourenço, President of the Republic of Angola, on the occasion of the Independence Day of Angola.

- On October 9, 2019, Assistant Foreign Minister, Ambassador Hatem Taj El-Din, discussed with the new Angolan ambassador to Egypt, Nelson Manuel Cosme, the means to strengthen bilateral relations and expand the horizons of cooperation in various fields.

- On January 28, 2018 President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi received the President of Angola, Joao Lourenco, at his residence in Addis Ababa, where President El-Sisi congratulated him on being elected as the President, wishing that Angola would witness progress and prosperity during his era.  El-Sisi also affirmed Egypt’s interest in developing bilateral relations with Angola in various fields, especially increasing the amount of trade exchange and exploring mutual investment opportunities so as to realize the common interests. Furthermore, El-Sisi stressed on Egypt's keenness to develop the cooperation relations with Angola in the field of capacity building through the training programs provided by the Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development in various fields. During the meeting, the Angolan President expressed his country's pride in its close relations with Egypt, emphasizing his aspiration to work with President El-Sisi during the coming period, in order to improve and develop cooperation between both countries in various fields. For his part, the President of Angola reviewed the efforts of his country to upgrade the infrastructure after the civil war; pointing out to his aspiration to benefit from Egypt's experience in this field, as President El-Sisi expressed Egypt's full readiness to cooperate with Angola in this regard, and to present its experiences in this field. The meeting also witnessed a discussion on ways to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries in various fields, including combating terrorism.

- On September 17, 2017, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi sent a congratulatory letter to João Lourenço, the elected President of the Republic of Angola, in which he expressed Egypt’s pleasure on the electoral process in Angola which was characterized by democracy and peacefulness, and in which a large number of Angolans participated. President El-Sisi also expressed his sincere wishes for the success of the elected Angolan president in performing his duties and working on achieving the hopes of the brotherly Angolan people; affirming Egypt’s interest in developing its historical bilateral relations between the two countries, and in coordinating in all international and regional issues, especially within the framework of the African Union. The letter also included an invitation from President El-Sisi to the Angolan President to visit Egypt at the earliest opportunity to support bilateral relations between the two countries and to coordinate in all international and regional issues, especially within the framework of the African Union.

- On 25/2/2017 Georges Chikoti, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Angola, visited Egypt to participate in the high-level meetings on issues concerning the Great Lakes region. Chikoti met Sameh Shoukry, the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, where they discussed ways to develop bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields.

-On June 8, 2014 Angola participated in the inauguration ceremony of El-Sisi being elected as the President of Egypt with a high-level delegation headed by Georges Chikoti, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Angola, who was received by Nabil Fahmy, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt. The meeting tackled Egypt's resumption of its activities within the African Union. Moreover, both sides discussed ways to support regional cooperation on African issues, especially with regard to ways of achieving development in the African continent. The importance of expediting the joint committee meeting to activate bilateral cooperation between the two countries in all political, economic and commercial fields was also discussed, as well as ways to draw on Egyptian expertise in the fields of infrastructure and to benefit from the role of the private sector in this regard.

Economic Relations:

Egypt reduced its imports from Angola by US Dollar 78.11 million to register around US Dollar 0.022 million in 2018, compared to US Dollar 78.132 million in 2017. The Egyptian exports to Angola has  also been decreased to US Dollar 19.9 million in 2018, compared to US Dollar 25.6 million in 2017, according to a report issued by the COMESA unit in the commercial representation body.

The Most Prominent Stations in the Economic Relations:

 - On 1/7/2020 Lieutenant- General Abdel Moneim El Terras, President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization received Nelson Manuel Cosme, Ambassador of the Republic of Angola to Cairo, within the framework of enhancing Egyptian-African cooperation. During the meeting, aspects of cooperation between both sides in the field of various industries and benefiting from the advanced capabilities of the Arab Organization for Industrialization were reviewed so as to meet the needs of the development projects in the sisterly Republic of Angola. Upon visiting the exhibition of the products of the Arab Organization for Industrialization and its affiliate training institute, "Nelson Cosme" emphasized his country's keenness to strengthen the partnership and cooperation relations with Egypt as a leading country in the African continent; praising the development renaissance that Egypt is witnessing in addition to its unprecedented steps in the digital transformation. He also praised President El-Sisi’s initiative to support the Egyptian-African partnership in all development fields.

Cosme praised the positive role of the Arab Organization for Industrialization and its shining fingerprints in many important development and strategic projects in the African continent, pointing to his country's aspiration to partnership with the Arab Industrialization in the development projects of Angola, in addition to the various industrial fields including health, medical industries, preventive sterilization booths, communications, electronics, digital transformation, renewable energy, drinking water and sewage purification plants, LED lights, and areas of water rationalization, in addition to training human cadres in the units and training centers of the Arab Organization for Industrialization. Cosmi also stressed that he will urge private institutions and the civil society to provide incentives to investors to strongly participate with the Arab Industrialization; being an important step in the path of constructive cooperation between the countries of the continent.

-On 23/11/2019, on the sidelines of the Investment Forum in Africa 2019 that was held in the New Administrative Capital, Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, and Pedro Luis da Fonseca, Minister of Economy and Planning of Angola, signed a memorandum of understanding for economic and investment cooperation between the two countries. The memorandum aims to strengthen and deepen investment and trade ties in the fields of agriculture, tourism, industry, infrastructure, mining, construction and health. It also provides all ministries and authorities with the necessary facilities to boost cooperation, offer training and professional scholarships related to revitalizing the economy of the two countries, in addition to exchanging experts, researchers and technicians to provide their advisory services in projects related to the memorandum of understanding, not to mention encouraging the exchange of business missions and visits for the purpose of reviewing the experiences and expertise of each party in the field of investment promotion, in addition to exchanging expertise and technical knowledge regarding investment opportunities, investment promotion, investor services and preparing sectorial studies.

- On 13/12/2018 Amr Nassar, Minister of Trade and Industry, announced the formation of an Egyptian-Angolan task group to determine the priority areas of joint cooperation between Egypt and Angola, and to start implementing a number of economic, commercial, industrial and investment cooperation projects as soon as possible. This came during the minister’s meeting with Jofre Van, Minister of Trade of Angola, during which they discussed the importance of starting a new phase of joint cooperation in the commercial and industrial fields. The meeting, which was attended by Antonio Da Costa Fernandes, Angola's ambassador to Cairo, came on the sidelines of the Seventh Conference of the African Trade Ministers hosted by Egypt. Nassar pointed to the keenness of his ministry to support the industrial development system in African countries by starting to implement industrial projects in African countries in the field of assembly, reaching full localization of industry, in cooperation with the private sector in Egypt and African countries. For his part, the Angolan Minister of Trade said that his country is keen to strengthen joint economic cooperation with Egypt; stressing the necessity of exploiting the distinguished political relations between the two countries and turning them to tangible commercial, industrial and investment projects that serve the Egyptian and Angolan economies alike. He pointed to the possibility of establishing joint Egyptian-Angolan projects in the field of logistic centers, thus contributing to strengthening the intra-trade movement between Egypt and a large number of West African countries. He also stressed the importance of signing a bilateral trade agreement between Egypt and Angola, adding that the solidarity of all African countries is necessary to bring about an industrial boom that preserves African resources and contributes to the shift from exporting raw materials to exporting fully manufactured goods. Jofre Van added that Angola participated in the Intra-African Trade Fair with 24 exhibitors and 60 businessmen, noting that Angola's distinguished participation in the exhibition and the Conference of African Trade Ministers represents the beginning of a new phase of distinguished economic relations between Egypt and Angola.

- On 8/12/2018, within the framework of the efforts of the Egyptian Embassy in Angola to support trade exchange and create investment opportunities between Egypt and Angola, the Egyptian Embassy in Luanda participated in the activities of a forum held over the participation  of Angola in the Intra-African Trade Fair which was held in Cairo (10-14 December) for the first time in the history of the continent, where the Minister of Trade, the Angolan Minister of Social Communication, and the chairman of the exports council and training the Angolan companies, in addition to representatives of more than 60 major Angolan companies have participated. Khaled Abdel Rahman, Egypt's ambassador to Angola,  had clarified in a presentation on the objectives of this exhibition , that Egypt, within the framework of its presidency of the African Union in 2019 and under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, puts all its capabilities and potentials to encourage African integration, promote trade and enhance investment opportunities between Egypt and all African countries, including Angola, which enjoys enormous wealth and potentials, on top of which are (Diamonds/Oil/Timber/Fertile farmlands/Coastal beaches stretching for more than 1,600 km). He added that the Egyptian embassy has been keen since the beginning of this year to communicate with senior Angolan officials and political leaders aiming to encourage the participation of Angola; as well as the public and private sectors in the activities of the first African Trade Fair that was held under the hospices of the President, and organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our embassies in African countries.

Furthermore, he said that the Fair represents an unprecedented opportunity for African companies to learn about the capabilities and activities of Egyptian companies, especially considering the establishment of projects on small and medium levels through a joint venture partnership between Egyptian and Angolan companies, which was welcomed  by the Angolan Minister of Trade, , stressing the desire and direction of the Angolan President to push investments in Angola forward, especially with brotherly African countries.

 - On 15/8/2018, Mr. Joao Baptista Borges, Angolan Minister of Energy and Water, and his entourage delegation visited Egypt. He was received by Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, where the two sides discussed ways to support and enhance cooperation between the two countries in the field of electricity and renewable energy. A memorandum of understanding was signed for bilateral cooperation between both sides in the field of electricity and renewable energy so as  to establish solar power plants with photovoltaic technology for remote villages connected  and unconnected to the grid and the hybrid system (solar - diesel);  in order to increase the supply of electricity in Angola, exchange experiences and provide support in the fields of (production - transmission - distribution) of electricity and renewable energy, and prepare feasibility studies for electric energy projects, especially renewable energy projects. 

The memorandum  also includes organizing  administrative and technical programmes and workshops  especially for  reducing losses and rationalization of energy and  supporting the Angolan Electricity Regulatory Facility, structuring electricity tariff prices, power purchase agreements, prepaid meters, smart grids, planning, designing and implementing projects in the fields of electricity production from energy (conventional - renewable), transmission and distribution of electricity, operation and maintenance of stations and transmission networks, as well as models and mechanisms for renewable energy projects, in addition to encouraging the private sector (Egyptian and Angolan) to invest in the  field of local manufacturing of high-efficiency equipment and devices, as well as implementing electrical projects.

There are many Egyptian goods and food products (food and drinks) in the Angolan market, and they are imported through Lebanese merchants in Angola or directly through some Egyptian companies that are trying to penetrate the promising Angolan market.

 - On November 26, 2010, the first air services agreement between Egypt and Angola was initialed, as well as a memorandum of understanding between the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority and the Angolan Civil Aviation Authority.

Five Egyptian companies participated for the first time in the Luanda International Fair in July 2009; where these companies displayed samples of some of their products; the most important of which was Qena Cement Company, palace furniture, and others for plastic equipment for real estate.

Contractual Framework

There are two bilateral cooperation agreements in the cultural, scientific and technical fields, Executive Protocol for Technical Cooperation, as well as two Memoranda of Understanding. The first Memorandum was signed by the Angolan Ministry of Health and the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa; the second by the Ministries of Agriculture in both countries:

The contractual type

Date of the contract


Memorandum of Understanding between the Egyptian Fund for technical cooperation with Africa and the Angolan Ministry of health


Automatically renewed every 5 years

Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministries of Agriculture in both countries


Scientific, Technical, Cultural Agreement

26 /3/1987

Automatically renewed every 5 years

Bilateral Technical Cooperation Agreement


Automatically renewed every 2 years

Executive Program for Technical Cooperation


Automatically renewed every 2 years

On November 26th, 2010, the first agreement on air services between Egypt and Angola was signed with initials, and a Memorandum of Understanding between the Egyptian and Angolan Civil Aviation Authorities was signed as well.


-On 10/12/2021, Ambassador Ahmed Abdel Latif, Director General of the Cairo International Center for Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping and Peace building, participated in the work of the second edition of Luanda Biennale, the African Forum for Peace Culture, which was hosted by the Government of Angola in cooperation with UNESCO and the African Union. Ambassador Mohamed Safwat, Egypt’s ambassador in Angola also attended.

The opening session of the biennial witnessed speeches by the President of Angola and number of African presidents. The Director General of the Cairo International Center highlighted in his speech, during the first day of the meeting, the role of Egypt in calling for peace;   proceeding from its heritage that extends throughout history, in which civilizations and religions blend. He also spoke about Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development, which pinpointed the role of arts, culture and heritage in supporting peace efforts in the African Continent during its second edition last March, on the occasion of the African Union’s celebration of the Year of Arts, Culture and Heritage.

The Director General of the Cairo Center also stressed the importance of conflict prevention and addressing its roots as a basic pivot for the culture of peace in Africa, in addition to the priority of combating terrorism and preventing extremism leading to it. On the sidelines of the Biennale, Angolan Minister of Social Affairs and responsible of the culture sector in Angola had received the Egyptian ambassador Ahmed Abdel Latif. She praised the distinguished relations between both countries and expressed her happiness for Egypt's participation in the Biennale and her aspiration to strengthen bilateral cultural relations between Luanda Biennale and Aswan Forum.

- On October 31, 2017, Ambassador Khaled Hassan, Ambassador of Egypt to Angola, inaugurated the Egyptian Film Week in Luanda, in the presence of a large number of diplomats and the Egyptian community in Angola. LUX Angolan magazine highlighted the opening ceremony of the Egyptian Film Week which was organized by the Egyptian Embassy in Luanda, in coordination with the Ministries of Culture in Egypt and Angola, the Brazilian Cultural Center in Luanda. T8ranslation of what was published in the Egyptian Film Week was published in Portuguese. It included the opening ceremony of a reception in honor of the Angolan Undersecretary of Culture, all the ambassadors accredited in Angola, in addition to the Egyptian community and members of the embassy in Angola.  All, in the presence of Dalia El Gohary, the wife of the Egyptian ambassador in Angola, who wore a pharaonic costume designed by her, the Egyptian Film Week included introducing the history of Egyptian cinema, and its contribution to supporting "soft power and cultural communication between African peoples", within the framework of the state's directives to support bilateral relations between Egypt and all the countries of the continent. The ceremony was attended by the Angolan Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Joao Cristiano, and a large number of members of the Arab and foreign diplomatic corps accredited in Angola, including the ambassador of Palestine, Najah Abd Al-Rahman, the Moroccan ambassador, Souad Al-Allawi, as well as the symbols of the Egyptian community in Angola.

The Angolan Folklore Troupe participated in the Folk Art Festival organized by the African sector of the Ministry in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture "May 2009" on the occasion of the celebration of Africa Day   every year on May 25.

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